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Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

So ahh YOOX sent me a made in Italy Candle along with some membership thing I have never heard of. Anyone else get this?
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I think it comes with free shipping for all orders or something? At least it used to.
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day late, but i'll miss the actual blackbird store, simply because it was a convenient place (i live within walking distance) for me to periodically go in to browse "nice" clothes, at least when they had them. they used to have some solid alden makeups if that was your thing, for example. but confusing is a great way to describe what was going on the past few years, they were all over the place with staff, buys, and store layout. the prices were out of whack also. it was only a matter of time. one less men's clothing store in seattle.
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Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

Hehe could be....shipping says it came from France. I can't be the first to get this though, I am wondering if anyone else around here got something similar today

I think u r in their premier club, which entitles you to 20% off anything and probably free shipping. I called them and asked for this and they told me to FO
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I'm going to give them a call and see what exactly this entitles me to (apparently I have a special line to them now). Thanks for the explanations though. I don't order much from YOOX, but since I know they run thecorner and the Margiela e-store, I guess I must have racked up the points there cause on YOOX I definitely did not
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Looks like Dries is coming out with a sidezip

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I would have thought heaven had better flooring, carpets. uhoh.gif

Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

Hey guys hey guys what do japanese designers, european designers, and nas have in common?

white models.

Had to google that joke, it had completely pasted me that the hstry was "designed by" Nas.
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Originally Posted by afixedpoint View Post

Looks like Dries is coming out with a sidezip

He put out a side zip last fall too. TBS sold it. Very nice looking with a chunky stacked wood sole and big zipper. Quality was really shitty though. The insole stuck to my feet and got ripped when I took them of. Maybe it was because I got what seemed to be a returned pair, but it was really disappointing and I sent them back.
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I listed something I was just trying to get rid of, and dirt cheap, then found out shipping is going to be more than I'm selling it for. How/should I tell this guy that I'm not selling it anymore at that price? Don't want to be a dick about it but I see no point in paying money to give someone something.

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Did you say that shipping was included in the price?
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Yeah. No money has been exchanged though, so I think I'm just going to tell him it's no longer for sale.

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Why on earth would you say shipping is included without knowing how much shipping will cost ...
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why don't you just send an honest message?
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Originally Posted by Working Stiff View Post

why don't you just send an honest message?

This is your best bet. Tell the buyer you just wanted to get rid of the item and didn't care about making a profit, but to send it to him you are going to have to lose money. If he's a nice guy and he actually wants the item, he'll pitch in a bit extra to cover your costs and everybody wins (or if he doesn't want it that much, he'll withdraw his offer). On the other hand, if he's an asshole, he'll say "i don't care about your problems, send me my purchase now!" and then you can forget all about it without ever feeling bad.

Also what Brad said.
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That Dries boot from the coming fall collection? Or is it from the spring 2014 show?
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Just went to a rodeo (my first!) in Jackson, WY. Everyone wore blue jeans with cowboy boots and it was really, really cool. Oh, and the rodeo was awesome. People out here have been really, really nice to this unshaven, kinda smelly, backpacking/road tripping student of the West.
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