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Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist View Post

Woah, someone other than me thinks that Raf was cool!

that raf look was the only one i really liked
Originally Posted by jet View Post

Last two are fucking cool

ah ackermann no wonder

i could see you in those ackermann fits
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tcwalter, elite new avatar.
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Indesertum, what's the first?
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I saw that tatted up model at 3rd st promenade. Good looking guy
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Indesertum, what's the first?

giuliano fujiwara fw13
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Raf Simons 'Archive' drop at ln-cc some pretty nice pieces. Very marked up though.
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What is up with white girls trying to look like chola's from the 90's?
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Originally Posted by noob View Post



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tojs are samsungbot approved. join the temple.
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Does anybody know of an online MTM that offers both a band collar and a hidden placket as options?
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Nas starts his own clothing line with Grungy Gentleman: HSTRY Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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very in line with the zietgiest of streetwear right now.

my little brother would love that.
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

moar. i want more knowledge.



Originally Posted by Kid Nickels View Post

me too
+1.. this is very interesting



Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

Great post, wish you remembered more,

Re: dweebs

I dunno if anyone else fell into the horrible goth/bad punk/metal stuff in middle school and high school, but to me it's almost an exact reflection of what you said. The clothing wasn't "fashunz" back then of course, but it was still all about trying to portray a certain image. I know at least for me and a lot of the kids I knew, we weren't exactly popular and being picked on/insulted wasn't out of the norm. But when you wore those dorky big ass black pants with black straps and studded wristbands and eyeliner or whatever, kids didn't really bother you as much and pretty much avoided you. And like you said, it was very much a mixture of being frightening and frail, mixing "hardcore badass" stuff with things that were more feminine like nail polish, make up, skin tight jeans. Less frail in the medical sense, but frail imagery nonetheless for males.

I was never way too into dressing like that, but I hung out with a lot of people who did. I guess that's why I like Undercover so much... to me it's really kind of an earnest look, you know? Like the stuff he does looks goofy but really cool at the same time, easy to wear and lends lends itself to not be taken so seriously. It's like streetwear at its finest— lookin both like a dweeb and a cool bro at the same time. It's fun.



Cool, glad to hear you guys liked it.  As I mentioned, I really do wish I had remembered more because there was a lot of interesting stuff.  I like these kinds of discussions.


what gtrain brings up is important though - we (and a lot of the West, w/r/t fashion) tends to look to Japan for what's cool, and have for a very long time, so it's funny that while a lot of us would roll our eyes at their American counterparts, can find such inspiration in what is essentially the same type of clique.


At the same time though, I feel like not too many people could find much to like about the middle-america Hot Topic mall-goth that we're used to seeing.  To me it was like a combo of really bad Vivian Westwood (there she is again!) knockoffs styled with novelty tees and bad jewelry and makeup.  It made it really easy to just dismiss those kids, but maybe that's what they wanted (we always assumed it was actually attention though)

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In other news, I think this guy got styling tips from Mr. Porter.  Geobaskets with green Seven jeans and a grey tucked-in Steven Alan-ish button down. (with that sparse confetti-yarn effect)



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