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Rrl natural selvedge

And toasty FedEx large box is still half the height of any normal shoebox
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I thought you ordered sandals
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i really want a pair of balmain jeans


is 1k generally the price?

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For the biker ones, yes.
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is there a thread for this season's menswear shows?

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afaict no.

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FYI yoox buyers:
Originally Posted by long_knives View Post

Nooooo! Big trouble ahead for Canadian customers.

I just went to place an order while the 20% code was still active, and low and behold... at checkout Yoox is now charging LOCAL TAXES AND DUTY! This is on top of their normal shipping charges! So on a $203 order I'm being dinged with another $82 in shipping/duty/taxes! WTF?!

Originally Posted by long_knives View Post

Originally Posted by coco2010 View Post

God damn!!! That sucks a big one. I might limit my purchases to once a year or so from now on. Fkn yoox. ffffuuuu.gif

Sent them a "WTF?!" email. Everybody should do the same.

I just called to make sure it wasn't a glitch.

No glitch. It's for real. They started charging for duty and taxes today.

Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

They started adding in my state sales tax recently. The US is introducing legislation forcing online retailers to abide by state taxes, so sites are upgrading their tax software.

MA has a "luxury" tax that's an additional % on top of the 6% normal tax for anything over $200 that's a "luxury," i.e. cars over a certain value, boats, clothes, etc.

Originally Posted by GoldenTribe View Post

The ship-to-Canada tax amounts to precisely 28% (I checked a $34 item and a $2500 item).

Much of the new fall-winter stock (see Kolor blazers, for instance) is priced at or slightly above the original merchandise retail price.

Yoox has just lost most of my business. I will probably never buy anything again unless it's in the sale section and there's a 20% code.
$500 item -20% coupon +28% tax = $512, so it almost evens out (but the buyer still loses in the end FFS)

EDIT: keep in mind this is the same company behind [full-price] and the online store for (one among many "powered by Yoox") which DO NOT ship to Canada at all, even now, when random boutiques in deepest darkest continental Europe offer easy global shipping through Farfetch or their own online stores. I send them a message every now and again just to remind them there are Canadians who would buy from these stores if they offered the same damn international service they do (or did until today, apparently) to Canada through Yoox, but they just don't give a shit.
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Off to a wedding tomorrow/today. Sadly no linen suit. Just a half lined 120s wool suit
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Originally Posted by djordjebalasevi View Post

Originally Posted by RXS09 View Post

For those who are lazy, like me.



Why was I not alerted to this post?!?  I feel so disconnected from this community, so cut out!


Stanley, hat off to you!  You have one up of me...I have never been to a lesbian wedding.  Was one of them wearing a tux?  Those are the coolest ones.  I have been to a Muslim wedding there the bride was wrapped up in blue and black fabric like a Russian doll with only the eyes showing (behind a mosquito net, no less)...but I repeat, Sir, you have one up on me with the lesbian wedding!  Well done!


what's better is now they can even make it official (which I think they plan to do on their first anniversary, assuming CA has it together by then)

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Originally Posted by gong View Post

i really want a pair of balmain jeans

is 1k generally the price?

i should think so, yes. see below:
Originally Posted by Danny Brown 
Insane with Balmain / bitch these jeans 'bout a stack a pair

Edited by Earnest Hemingway - 6/29/13 at 11:56am
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if they're 1k then yeah, no

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artist friend was asked to sign up to something called ubicouture, which apparently promotes creative dialogue between artists and designers- this was the result..

alan taylor x emma mcnally

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this is too cool
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