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cool kid
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had the best damn gummi candy today holy fuck, soft, juicy, with real bits of fruit and juice that tasted like real fruit

went back to us spec haribos and they tasted like pure garbage

need german proxy for bears&friends
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alls i want is really real gummi bears

and wutang dunks kwordthanks
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There are some pretty crazy watches floating around various forums right now (as opposed to auctions)... for instance a JLC Master Minute Repeater in platinum.
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Damn, Blackhawks turned that around quick. That was crazy. who must be going nuts right now.
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I sure as hell was. Go Hawks!

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I'm not usually a hockey fan at all, but that finals series showed me how exciting it can be.
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Haven't bought anything online in forever, whats the sales tax thing like...?
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Originally Posted by kindofyoung View Post

cool kid

"Their own money"

Originally Posted by jet View Post

need german proxy for bears&friends

Time to get back on amazon and buy another pallet.


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No wardrobe should be without one of these:




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CP's less than 150 still exists

I now know the truth worship2.gif
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Damnit, who told you!
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I've been volunteering on a ranch in Colorado
what have I missed?
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toasty got laid and is really chill, jet quit smoking and was outed as having 31 knits from H&M but only one Jil, and NewYorkIslander closed his mouth in a photo

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has elisiX closed his mouth yet
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