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AMA declares obesity a disease (0).,0,4422080.story

It's not your fault Reedo foo.gif

Seriously though, what the fuck is this bullshit.
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Maybe I can start using disability checks to buy XXL jawnz...
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can you get on workers comp if you can prove you got obese from all the donuts in the lunchroom?

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Goddamnit, Soyab!
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srsly p4? those pants be massif? I got them in 46 (delivery attempted today but not home!). I hope they don't look effed up on my 5'6" frame. I got the ones with the cool black side panel type things w Velcro at cuffs. tiniest bit long in 46 but nbd.
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Originally Posted by GoldenTribe View Post

Thursday, 10am — Called my drug dealer and left a VM, "Dude, where are you? I need you to swing by, like quick."

Thursday, 11am — I call my drug dealer again. This time he picks up and says to call him back in 15 minutes

Thursday, 11:15am — I wait the 15 minutes and call my drug dealer again. He tells me he's 30 minutes away.

Thursday, 2:00pm — I call my drug dealer AGAIN and I'm like "WTF, you said you were going to be here like 2 hours ago." He says that he's sorry, but that he had to swing by his place and wait for a delivery from DHL. He then tells me that he'll call me back in 15 minutes.

My drug dealer never calls.

Thursday, 3:00pm — I call back. Where are you? I go straight to VM whose message consists of a voice mumbling (it does not seem like a professional number, so I do not leave a message).

Thursday, 4:00pm — I call again to tell him that he never called me back. Oh, actually he will get back to me by some time tomorrow (Friday). Will it help if I take the initiative to call back Friday morning? Maybe.

Thursday, 8:00pm — I call back just so he knows I'm serious about my damn package.

Friday, 8:00am — I call my drug dealer to say the hell with you, I want my package delivered today, not a phone call. He says okay (this was never presented as a choice before -- he just instructed me to wait for a phone call). He says the delivery trucks load by 10:45am.

Friday, 9:00am — I call again to reconfirm my wishes because I no longer trust him not to screw up simple instructions. I want the package today. The guy accepts this and says there is still no further information from the warehouse regarding the damage. Soyab will call me by 3pm, he assures me. That's too late for the delivery trucks.

Friday, 10:15am — Having waited as close to delivery departure as I dare, I call back again. By some miracle, I reach a woman who says she lives with my drug dealer. She goes and stands at his bedroom door (not at my request) until he is done a phone call, then tells him I am on the line and hands the phone over. He says there is "damage" to my package, does not tell me any more about it, and confirms the receipt of my instructions that I wanted delivery today, but tells me he "can't tell whether a damage report has been submitted" in the electronic system, so he "doesn't know" whether the item is out for delivery today or not. He says he will call back by 3pm today to let me know ..... something or other ...... and I may get the item today, or I may get it Monday.

What is unsaid in all of this is that if the bloody item was destroyed beyond repair, I obviously don't want it at all any more and somebody should have made clear at the very beginning that is what had happened so I could forget about it altogether. On the other hand, if the item is fine, then I am in no way helped by a phone call from some warehouse neanderthal, and all they are accomplishing by delaying delivery is wasting my time.

So 24 hours after I should have received my "package", I don't have it, I don't know when I might receive it, and I don't know whether it is primo shit or totally stomped on.
What the fuck is wrong with drug dealers?

What I thought when I read this.
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Wait, wait, this is 24 hours? Calm the fuck down dude. It'll get to you. Or it won't. But as a person who has to interact with crazy people all day, bugging them does not actually help much IF IT'S OVER ONLY 24 HOURS.
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man I totally hate it too when you dealer says "15 mins" and calls you to come out like two hours later. wassup with that amirite?
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edit: nevermind it was sipang all along
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Thanks BigSkipp, "levity is good -- it eases tension and fear of death"

Originally Posted by DividedWay View Post

Calm the fuck down dude. It'll get to you. Or it won't.

I knew that much when I paid $116 to Mr Porter for shipping and duties. Three digits spent exclusively on getting a package to me promptly. So no I won't calm the fuck down, dude, because now I'm being made to wait all weekend, still without a clue whether my package is whole or in pieces, in my local delivery area or outside the atmosphere of planet earth. Everyone who works at DHL is a godforsaken retard, as I knew before this saga even began, and my only intent in posting was to share that fact with the world. Thank you for nothing. ARBITRARY SENTENCE IN CAPSLOCK TO SHOW I DON'T RESPECT YOU INTELLECTUALLY.
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ugh i wish i never saw this. now i'll be reminded of this every time i wear that blazer
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Taking stuff out of my closet and putting it into cold storage. Need space for business casual. My soul dies every time I move out a yohji piece cold[1].gif.
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

ugh i wish i never saw this. now i'll be reminded of this every time i wear that blazer

woah, weird. maybe he stumbled across the archives or something.

in all fairness, that jacket could have fallen into way worse hands. at least he's trying to be cohesive
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Wait, what's wrong with Adam Lambert? Put one of those floating black bars over his face, and you've basically got Synthese.

(Go on, try it...)
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noob, erase that post before ada-i mean-synthese finds out you're giving away his secret
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