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Is "no black suits" one of those rules i should actually follow?
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

Is "no black suits" one of those rules i should actually follow?

yeah i wouldn't wear a black suit to work/interview. never seen it done, except by those that button all the buttons on the suit jacket.
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

Is "no black suits" one of those rules i should actually follow?

if you're buying that suit to impress rich people, yes I'd avoid black.

otherwise, black suits can be really cool
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Re: Snowman Provides Pants to the Hungry Masses:


Props to you for taking on this project. For your sake, I hope you manage to survive the inevitable flood of sizing questions. Good luck, and godspeed.


Though I like those pants, from what I can see, I won't be buying. Snowpants V 1.0 is pushing me towards getting some pieces done by my own tailor. Up until now, I've just gotten alterations done. Most of what he does is entry-level full-on MC, and I'm pretty sorted out in terms of formal clothing, so I have no real need or want for that. I wear a suit and tie maybe once or twice a season, which is plenty for me. That said, he's never been pushy in the least, and has always seemed more than happy to do the odd nip and tuck on random  piece x. 


For the prices he charges, I'd feel pretty obnoxious buying high-end trousers, shirts, jackets, or coats off the interwebz. I just hate the idea of facing him, needing him to do all manner of alterations on my freshly acquired ill-fitting expensive-ass pair of pants. Knowing him, he'd likely compliment the piece without even a hint of rebuke, which would make it even worse. 


So, perhaps, it's off to the tailor I go to get some big boy pants made up.

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As for black suits, not if you're going MC, they're fine if you're going more casual / fashiony. It would be tough to "rock" a conservative black suit in MC mode and have it come out better than a suit in charcoal or navy. For a more "daring" MC look, you could go full-reatard #TSBPittiMan with "fun" PS and statement dubmonks for Maximal Visual Interest. Or you could just kill yourself. 


If you're creeping toward the SZ vortex, go for the black suit if you want. I suspect that Breaking Tha Rulezzz (albeit in a forum-vetted manner) is what that's all about. If you search for it, I'm almost certain you'll be able to find a wealth of valuable information concerning not only which acid-washed scarstitched 5-button "Deep Anthracite" priest suit to purchase, but which $450 hidden placket white shirt goes best with it. Get yer backzip reverse culatta gameface on.


Or go buy some Yohji and Doc Marten monkey boots. An exciting world of black suits awaits you.

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Originally Posted by APK View Post

Never had an issue with the forum while using Chrome until a few days ago, but the site has been pretty much unusable for me spare the first minute or two I'm on it. Chrome is up-to-date (Version 27.0.1453.110) and as I mentioned before, I've got no extensions and only a few plug-ins. I think it might be an issue with Flash (Shockwave), but disabling it still hasn't solved the problem with the forum. It's clearly an issue with Chrome, since I'm still able to browse the site using Firefox, albeit in sluggish fashion.

happening to me too, but only on chrome for windows (work machine). have a mac at home and SF works on chrome for mac just fine.

blackbird has officially lost their effing minds (there are more than one of these):
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Just saw the aprons on blackbird, anybody have any recs for one that is good for when working in the shop / basic tools. Want something a little thicker than the normal apron lol8[1].gif
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black suits can be cool. it looks dull when it's in worsted wool, but in linen, linen blends, cotton gabardine... can look great. problem is most MC-esque retailer seldom venture to such materials... well, as far as I see
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Man, what happened to Blackbird? It used to be such a cool store even to just it's like 50% really, really overpriced thrift store finds and the other stuff is their in-house garbage. It's funny to go back to all those interviews Nicole did talking about innovation in men's fashion and then you realize her house brand is pretty much Wolf vs Goat sprinkled with some goth scarves. It makes me kind of sad.
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

man i miss my baltimore ups driver who would just leave my packages no matter what. this one in boston refuses to even though I leave notes with the tracking number, etc. what happens if you're not there after the second delivery attempt? do they leave it at the ups store or something? I don't even know where that is but there are a few in somerville so i'm guessing it'd be at one of those?


Dude, if you miss a UPS package in Boston it goes to the distro center in Watertown.  It's not T accessible and a bitch to get to anywhere near rush hour.  I used to pay my roommates to stay and wait for my package while I was at work.


 I worked at a UPS store in Packard's Corner in college and we sent all the unclaimed packages there like it was some kind of awful purgatory.

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Your roommates sound like assholes
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Only way to guarantee delivery.  We made each other pay for everything, kept everyone honest.  Payment can take many forms.

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Originally Posted by Ecco View Post

Payment can take many forms.

what kind of forms

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