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Damnit, phone!

Thumbs up for Against Interpretation....one of the best essays ever.
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Jet, I feel that this is pretty accurate. fwiw, a Junya Watanabe L in shoes corresponds roughly to a 29 in regular Japanese sizing.
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"In place of a hermeneutics we need an erotics of art."
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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

WARNING: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
THOUGHTS! i went to the MoMA like two weeks ago and while I was looking at a giant Jackson Pollock this guy was very condescendingly lecturing his wife on why it was amazing. he was talking about how it was a fractal and how you can break it down mathematically. that stuff is interesting and all (http://discovermagazine.com/2001/nov/featpollock#.UcB9efZVRgI) but he didn't once say anything about the way it looked, just how you could take it apart and why that's what made it good. he hardly looked at the painting and instead just kept talking down to his wife. I walked away until he was gone and then went back to it.

"None of us can ever retrieve that innocence before all theory when art knew no need to justify itself, when one did not ask of a work of art what it said because one knew (or thought one knew) what it did. From now to the end of consciousness, we are stuck with the task of defending art. We can only quarrel with one or another means of defense. Indeed, we have an obligation to overthrow any means of defending and justifying art which becomes particularly obtuse or onerous or insensitive to contemporary needs and practice."

THAT SAID, I do get annoyed when art is really just a shallow concept with little to offer in the way of execution. One of the real joys of any art form is that it shows the artist's talent. Picasso's work is conceptual, but it's also incredible in the way it's drawn and composed. But Rauschenberg's white paintings, and a lot of Barnett Newman and stuff like that, is more concept than anything else to me. With those paintings (the white paintings are probably better described as installation pieces or something) I feel like you lose the joy on the surface, and what you have left is the concept behind it that needs to be justified because otherwise it's too oblique or just too thin to deserve considering in any depth. They're for the brain more than the eye. Pollock is abstract, but there's so much for there for the eye. So I agree with the Sontag quote above, but I also don't like it used as an excuse for people to do lazy work that requires no mastery of their medium.

Mostly agree. Also, I feel the same way about a lot of "artisanal" SW&D brands.
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I saw This Is The End with my brother the other night. He was dying pretty much the whole time, whereas I was really only kinda into it. (It was sort of funny every now and then, but I guess I just don't really find the Apatow or Apatow-related stuff very funny anymore.) Not liking derivative, gag-based humor (among other things) apparently makes me a hipster.

For comedy, watch movies with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg nod[1].gif (really excited for "The World's End")

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Snowmanxl was on Man of Steel as a main character, but then some other guy replaced him after he got changed.. frown.gif
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Originally Posted by noob View Post

Damnit, phone!

Thumbs up for Against Interpretation....one of the best essays ever.

Before I read it, I thought "Notes on 'Camp'" was a personal essay on her experiences at summer camp as a kid or something and didn't understand why it was influential. Haha. shog[1].gif
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dat office job life: had some wedding cake for breakfast, worked for a few hours and now going out to lunch for an hour. after that i plan on watching the liberace HBO movie.
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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

C'mon man, Mexican food is not junk food. At least it shouldn't be. Last week I had short rib tacos with bone marrow at Toloache. Holy shit. Those were good.

But to answer your question...check out Bonchon for fried chicken (I'm sure some of the Korean guys on here will have other suggestions), Baohaus for Taiwanese buns, maybe La Esquina for tacos, Vanessa's Dumplings, Doughnut Plant. People are all crazy about the cronut (croissant-donut) at Dominique Ansel (the owner has serious credentials, btw). But you have to get there at like 7:30 and wait in line to get one. If you want pancakes, check out Clinton St. Baking Company. Don't go on the weekend though or you'll never get in. Not junk food, but Mission Chinese is pretty awesome and fairly cheap. For dinner, get there early, at like 6:00 or 6:30. Southern-style fried chicken at Hill Country Chicken. For pizza I like Lombardi's (other people will undoubtedly have other suggestions there too), and I like the margherita at Spunto (edit: fixed name; I wrote Spuntino originally, which is a different place).

Not Korean, but I preferred Mad For Chicken for Korean Fried Chicken. For junky food in NYC, I always end up grabbing a halal cart lamb/chicken rice bowl. Shake shack for what I call an east coast In n Out
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sadface. marsells I ordered from lncc got cancelled frown.gif. who did this!
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I am really interested by the Profile line Margiela is putting out, I am guessing there might be more of it, but with my bracelets I got this little preview

So far I've got a couple bracelets (would love to get my hands on the perfume holder) and while my preference would be a natural or brown leather as the "watch band", what looks better here... the metal or black leather to you guys? I only need want one

Edit: Forgot the other side of the preview
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all metal, regis! interesting concept with the profile bags and stuff
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"...also, I can kill you with my brain" lol8[1].gif




I know I know, I'm 10 years late to the party but goddamn, Firefly is an awesome series


edit: and ye all metal


edit again: whyyyyyyy would they only make one season frown.gif

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man i miss my baltimore ups driver who would just leave my packages no matter what. this one in boston refuses to even though I leave notes with the tracking number, etc. what happens if you're not there after the second delivery attempt? do they leave it at the ups store or something? I don't even know where that is but there are a few in somerville so i'm guessing it'd be at one of those?

in other news - i live like half a mile from drinkwaters and have yet to been frown.gif i'll go eventually though.
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RIP Michael Hastings. frown.gif
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