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But do they make BONE topies?
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What do people think about pleats + chinos? I never used to like pleats on anything but I tried cuffing a pair of slim pleated chinos and daaaaaaaaamn.

Crisp as fuck.
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Shoe goo on my achilles like every other month I live in them tho topy would work well w those ann's
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Heel taps can be put onto ann sneakers. I bought a pair from buy and sell and they came with heel taps smile.gif but topy would be better
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I have more and more clothes with 'dry clean only' option (mostly wool and linen). How do you keep such clothes fresh and crisp (as in smell & touch)?
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+1 for shoe goo on the ann sneakers, do it like this video at 2:25 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pORX9Vtv0Zs, fixes the heels right up especially for those who don't like the feeling of taps

and ceo I always wash linens just like cotton, they stretch back out pretty much immediately, wools can be hand washed/soak in cold water
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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

The soles on my Ann D are really thin, I didn't realize the suede went so far down. I overpronate a lot and sometimes kill soles quickly, would it be weird to put taps on sneakers (is it even possible)? I usually trash my clothing anyways but even the SF mentality in me doesn't want to ruin a pair of shoes so quickly

Topy is the best option IMO. I've had them done to my Julius sneakers and they work great.
The other option though, would be to wear them down normally and just have them resoled, like someone on SZ had done:
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if i'm a 43 in cp what size am i in junya sneaks m or l? anyone anyone
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M = 9UK I think
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Anyone have a decent list of Isaora stockists?
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Originally Posted by afixedpoint View Post

M = 9UK I think

this does not help me but thanks
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M = 9UK = 10US = EU43

Come on, jet. This should be preschool level for a Persian bro
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look at my original question dawg, i don't care about standard sizing conversions as they are as meaningless as toasty posts
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Doesn't Junya sizing say insole M=xx cm or something.
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