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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

where to shop for swim trunks in nyc in the 4-6" inseam range? I'm not sure exactly what I want but I want something nicer/slimmer/more flattering than the K-mart joints i currently have. I'm thinking of hitting up bloomingdales but only because i can't think of something better.

Don't laugh, but American Apparel actually has pretty decent trunks for a good price, got the inseam range you want as well, and a bunch of colors.

I fuck with these http://store.americanapparel.net/product/?productId=rsapm401
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Also, these sandals all look pretty cool, but they're cheap as shit, and i've never heard of em. Anyone know anything bout them? http://www.jerusalem-spirit.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=94
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I got a pair in jerusalem for like 80 NIS last may

they've held up well enough since then, but the leather can chafe and blister the skin if the are too tight/loose, so make sure you get the right size
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I've got a similar pair from Greece. They're fine for lounging around, but I wouldn't want to take a long walk around town in them. 

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Originally Posted by Earnest Hemingway View Post

I got a pair in jerusalem for like 80 NIS last may

they've held up well enough since then, but the leather can chafe and blister the skin if the are too tight/loose, so make sure you get the right size
Advice on how to size?
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jesus christ
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I have a pair of coloured jeans that got splatters of what could possibly be motor oil or mud or both the first time I wore them because the weather ended up horrible and the roads were slushy.

Cut for length (Click to show)


I tried washing them and forgot to check to see if the stains were gone and threw them in the dryer. I know, stupid right.

I tried using Shout triple-acting laundry stain remover on them and washed them again, this time NOT putting them in the dryer. No luck.

I then turned to a book called Natural Stain Removal Secrets by Deborah L. Martin to try and fix it. I would have to assume that it's motor oil that's stained the jeans so I used the "grease on fabric" stain removal method. Because it would be considered an old/dry stain now It instructed me to work a small amount of petroleum jelly into the stain, wait 15 minutes, and then apply an absorbant such as salt or baking soda. I only had salt so I used that. Then shake the absorbant from the fabric, and sponge the area with dishwashing liquid mixed with water. Then it instructed me to launder it in warm water.

I followed the instructions and to my dismay I now have the original stains AND petroleum jelly stains in the jeans now.

The book says that if the stain is still there, to blot it with isopropyl alcohol, natural-solvent spot removal product, denatured alcohol, or as a last resort, acetone-based nail-polish removal, unless it's an acetate fabric.

I am afraid that trying any of these will just ruin the jeans to the point that they can not be saved, possibly by removing the dye from the fabric or something. The jeans have faded very much since I started washing them and I don't want to risk them getting worse.




If anybody has any advice on this please let me know. Thanks.

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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

I walked into all saints the other day and I saw some cheaney and sons boots (collab with all saints)
Was really surprised. They even had sneakers on the cp sole and a crochet sweater like my dries. Neat little store imo

Visited an All Saints today too, lots of really cool pieces, especially the crochet knit you mentioned and one of the bombers
(If anyone think they might be able to proxy some stuff in a few weeks, lemme know)
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They're based in the UK and probably ship to Sweden no?
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ah you're right, should've checked website before posting

edit: free shipping even biggrin.gif
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"I might even cover my naked body in sticky tape and run through All-Saints and come out doin' my JLS impression" shog[1].gif
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One of the first things I've learned from SF was to not like certain brands, All Saints being one of them.
I liked their tees and tanks though, fit me (narrow shoulder slim body) really well. I am sure there MUST be some brands at similar price range that offer similar style in a better quality.. patch[1].gif
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Tbh I thought it was just another tacky store before I visited, but it's always nice with surprises.
Maybe they have improved lately?
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Think a slightly higher quality H&M except they copy more "edgy" stuff.
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The soles on my Ann D are really thin, I didn't realize the suede went so far down. I overpronate a lot and sometimes kill soles quickly, would it be weird to put taps on sneakers (is it even possible)? I usually trash my clothing anyways but even the SF mentality in me doesn't want to ruin a pair of shoes so quickly
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