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You are not kind
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what i think people are thinking when i wear the same outfit again:

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OK, FedEx really brings shipping to a surprisingly high level every once in a while. Ordered from the Barney's sale, chose the free ground shipping. Item shipped last Friday, supposed to be here this Friday (East coast to West coast) - cool. Just checked the tracking and the item got to my area early, so what did FedEx do? Did they choose to sit on it like UPS for 3 extra days? Nope - they threw it on a delivery truck for delivery 3 days early. So awesome.
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These are commonly known as Thread Derails. Many SF users take on an irritated posture whenever Thread Derails arise, but the not-quite-so-secret secret about Thread Derails is that they're Completely Alright & Okay.

This thread has a rail to derail eh.gif
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You are not kind

The avatar. I'm dying. lol8[1].gif
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the uniqlo skinny tapered black jeans that plenty of people here like and that I tried on briefly today, do they stretch from use?
Both 29/34 and 30/34 look good, but if they'll stretch I'll probably go with the 29s
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They stretch a fair amount, I sized down 1 (got 31) and they're getting a bit loose in the thighs and waist already
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My 29s stretched out to something like 16 in the waist. Definitely size down.
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Guess I'll try out the 28s, thanks fellas
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I sized down on Julian Red Hobokens cause people said they stretch.

Here I am three years later with a pair of jeans with a tight waist and pockets that I can't get into while sitting.

Sure I only ever wore them like twice before this year but I've been wearing them 5-6 days a week since Jan 1 so
I'm so glad Geller jeans have big waists. Why ya'll like tight waistbands all the time?
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Looking at my closet, there are quite a few pieces I haven't worn in many months (and don't see myself wearing any time soon), looks like I need to make a spring cleaning thread! stirpot.gif
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Sell me the red SS shirt reedo smile.gif
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WRONG, sell it to me
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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

WRONG, sell it to me

we meet again fight[1].gif
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