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You can't feel the raw emotion in "bubble pop"? For shame.

Disclaimer: I am not Korean.
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^ I know you do. Was just seeing what your perspective is on the SUFU thread if you ever came upon it. I am just really curious if the members who post in there are enjoying the music or more so the shenanigans displayed by the singers.

I use to listen to stuff from 1TYM etc. though even when I listened to it then my Korean friends would diss me for being late to the game lol. I stopped listening eventually purely because I just did not understand it though I still got this good mix CD compilation "Beats Bars and Boji" that has really good lounge feel
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i post a lot in the sufu thread foo.gif

it is indeed all about the girls. 95% of the videos are better on mute anyway.
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OH REALLY? lol! funny

I feel like we ran into each other in IRL but actually it was just cross-forum missed connections
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i've settled on going malibuxgrunge this summer

naval shirts/sweaters, white jeans, navy canvas plims
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good call.

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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Please go post that in the Superfuture thread or have willycheesecake help you cross-post it.

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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

lol a buddy of mine was shopping at Colette in Paris, and he heard a commotion behind him so he turned around. Lo and behold, it was Karl. Scared the shit outta my friend lol

I like to imagine the commotion was Karl Lagerfeld accidentally knocking over a display of bearbricks or something. Karl shrugging and sheepishly grimacing "oops."
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a woman i used to know who is now apparently karl lagerfeld's 'muse' saw a picture of snowman on my screen once and commented on his handsomeness, true story smile.gif
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it's actually believable, if only because it's impossible to see snowman and not comment on his handsomeness

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Never before liked anything pony hair and now I am strangely attracted to these Moccs. Moccs are replacing my sidezip obsession

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CanNOT get behind those, sorry regis
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Better than the ones with the iced out soles.
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Well i said strangely attracted haha

Dotcomzz I also thought this, then I purchased one so I could hold them in my hands and really liked the clear sole
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Nah dude don't get those.

Anyone got any recommendations for some good headphones? I think my budget would be around $400.
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