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Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

Sure you don't mean Fin du Monde? Maudite's pretty dark, definitely not a tripel. And yeah, I'd take Kasteel over Fin du Monde.

Maudite is my favorite by far, but seriously, move it to the SWD booze thread!
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unknown quantity is my jam
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Looks like shit in front but awesome in back
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Looks like shit in front but awesome in back

Just like your mother Trebek.
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Ok so I proxied 2 pairs of those HMMMM bots through a guy on the forum who was real nice and did the service for a very low fee. Got one grey pair, one white.

When they arrived, I realized the grey pair were the wrong size, but since I already had another identical pair, I told him no biggie and sold it to my buddy and was out like $10-20. But only now, like three months after the deal, I realized he sent me a 43 in the left white boot, and a 42 in the right...no wonder they had never felt comfortable enough to wear out the door.

Anyways, I messaged him a few days back an he hasn't gotten back to me. I paid in gift. Sort of a weird situation, what should I do? Just sell the whites for mad cheap and move on with my life?
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Follow b&s rules and don't send gift payment.

Inspect items upon receipt.

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reedo is quite trusting for someone so neurotic.
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I'm pretty sure we had a similar conversation with another purchase he made using gift a few months ago. confused.gif
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reedo, your question will be on the LSAT, be ready
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Well exactly, like I said in my post I made this purchase like four months ago. I've since then totally learned my lesson on payments! It took me a reallllllly long time to notice the sizing difference lol
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that is rough (DLester's comment)
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I recall a few people in the H&MMMMMMMMMM thread taking a pile of proxy orders when the boots got marked down to dirt-cheap prices. I'm assuming that's where reedo got his. Given the apparent interest in these proxies, I'd imagine the people who proxied the boots probably had a high volume to deal with. In those situations, it's easy for mistakes to happen, especially if the person isn't accustomed to that sort of endeavor.

My guess is the guy made an honest mistake, and given the elapsed time (three months!) and pittance he got for his troubles, probably figures it's not really his problem at this point. Kinda sucks, but you (hopefully) wouldn't contact one of the forum affiliates after that much time to let them know of a problem with the product.

I'd say chalk it up as a minor loss and just check these things out right away next time.
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Basically how I see it, he was being nice and did it for a ton of people, totally understandable mix up. I certainly don't plan on reporting him or anything, maybe if he was a dbag about it or something.

So...anyone have a slightly smaller right foot and is in need of a pair of white boots? biggrin.gif
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