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My girlfriend and I are on Season 2 of the Killing and are thoroughly enjoying it. I'll be sure to suggest Forbrydelsen when we're finished.

RFT: Has anyone else had drastically different experience w/ customer service over phone vs. over email?

I bought a five-panel hat from a streetwear webstore (Mishka NYC) and they sent me the completely wrong hat. When I sent them an email requesting an exchange or refund, I received a one word response informing me I'd been refunded. I still really wanted the hat, so I called customer service to check if it was in stock. After speaking with a gentleman named Mad Dog, he confirmed the hat I actually wanted was still available and told me to place the order again (with a note saying I spoke to him) and he'd send me a return label for the unwanted five-panel. The discrepancy between his demeanor and that of the Sales Manager who emailed me was striking.

The hat I ordered:

The hat they sent me:
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Artforum and Art in America are also good to dig around in, see what you like.
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Originally Posted by dotcomzzz View Post

Artforum and Art in America are also good to dig around in, see what you like.

They can also serve as substitute toilet paper, which is always a plus.
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actual paintings are great and definitely preferable to prints if you can find some that you like. even amateur work can be a bit expensive though, at least here. with good reason though. a couple of my friends are painters (well, they make their livings doing other things) and I didn't realize until I met them how many hours of work go into a lot of paintings and how much raw materials cost.
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Gilt sent me the wrong size boots. ffffuuuu.gif
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Originally Posted by APK View Post

Good advice. It's easy to fall prey to this, especially at places such as Ikea where you can theoretically furnish every aspect of your home in one shot. In your case, I would suggest checking such places out for a few things, since you're not at a place in your life where everything you own needs to be top-shelf quality.

Where art is concerned, it sounds simple enough, but just buy what you like. Avoid really famous stuff, as PPPP suggested, but I don't see anything wrong with a print of something a bit more obscure, so long as you like it.

TL;DR, buy what you like and let the Tumblrs of the world inspire your choices, not dictate them.

Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

that's pretty broad. you want art that's pretty minimal too? like barnett newman? just get what you like. if your whole room looks like it hews to a single theme it will probably look like it came out of a box and isn't really yours. know what I mean? try to avoid cliches too. no rothko, dali, print of guernica or starry night, etc. if you've seen it in someone else's place avoid it.

Thanks guys, lots of good advice. I'm really drawn to a lot of impressionistic work, and leaning towards prints of Van Gogh's Wheat Field w/ Crows (the one he did before he shot himself) and his skeleton smoking a cigarette. Also considering Klimt's Avenue in Schloss Park, which has a distinctively Monetish vibe. Also considering a nude from Modigliani, but I want something edgy too...I've always loved Hirst's Impossibility of Death...or maybe some dramatic B&W photo or something architectural, i unno.
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

Etsy has some cool art. I have some of those "he wears it" prints/watercolours?? From John woo
It's basically stalwarts characters in fashunzzz laugh.gif
But they're very minimal/stark and I don't think you're going for minimal if you want a cozy Persian rug

My friend makes these cool space painting with acrylic and spray paint. I can ask if he's willing to sell them biggrin.gif

I think a good way of imparting your style is mixing different types of aesthetics into one, just like in clothes.

I have a pretty minimal looking space, but with a persian rug on the floor. I think it looks pretty cool.
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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

if you want prints, check out http://www.art.com/. for real paintings, don't know of an online source. most stuff you can buy cheap online is not good anyway. just go to ikea or places like that for a rug. you don't want to buy an actual persian rug (first off, even a small one is really expensive) because you're probably going to trash it anyway at this point.

Trashed Persian rug looks way cooler, well maybe not trashed, but at least well worn. The one in my apt has been in my family for the better part of a century.
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most of the shit on my walls is stuff from places i've worked/prints that friends of mine have made/personal favorites. No need to rush into decorating--let it take time.
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I'm also looking for a black straw hat of some sorts. I've checked Borsalino and now that site but I'm out of luck methinks
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reedo I can probably sell you some prints/hand cut stencils/collages from my grandpa, he's pretty famous in the graffiti/railroad/mail art scene


pm me if you're interested, I have a bunch of his stuff I can sell right now

edit: here's some stuff from my dads wall, on his instagram. firecrackers one isn't his, and the large one next to it

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Reedo, just deck your place out in Syd mead.
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Cole, that's your grandpa?

Fucking awesome. Sent you a PM.

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Originally Posted by slstr View Post

Cole, that's your grandpa?
Fucking awesome. Sent you a PM.

Yes sir! thank you, pm'd ya back. and I'm very blessed to have him as a grandfather
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Wait I don get it your granddad is the god of the sun
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