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Are you man enough for lace shirts ?

Raf sale venue was p nice

OG wool cape I couldn't afford/sadness

Best shoes ever


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I was really hoping there would be a sipang fit pic at the end of that sequence.

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i was trying to figure out if his reflection was in the glass on the first picture. too hard to tell.
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The zip boots !!!!
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"extracting" what is being reflected in a pic feels like something that should be doable in photoshop

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sipang has no reflection.
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For real. 

I upped the contrast a little and it was just a floating iPhone.


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nice try but everyone knows I only use 2004 motorola razrs
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you misspelled drop crotch
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Not a RFT, but for the NY'ers: I've got a good friend whose roommate is leaving the country for a few months starting June 15, so if you know anyone who's not a total disaster and needs to sublet a place in NYC this summer, PM me.
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Raf sale looks sweet. On another note... here's the only cooking show you'll ever need!
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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