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it annoys me when one of my ebay listings is ending, and i can't figure out if it has zero bids because no one wants it or because everyone's about to snipe it
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it annoys me when someone buys something and then doesn't pay me.
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Any place to still find those jet black APC PS selvedge jeans from like 2 seasons ago in 30-31? Or does someone wanna sell me their Uniqlo T-000s in black 31?!

I really don't wanna go thru the hassle of tapering those Outlier dungarees shog[1].gif
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How should you size black uniqlo T-000s btw?
The weekday pair I got don't have much life left and seems like a lot of people here like the T-000s so might proxy a pair
Or if anyone has measurements for sizes around 28-30 that would work too smile.gif

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Size down on T-000s. I have 28s and 29s and the latter stretched out like 2" in the waist. Not sure how the new Uniqlo denim is firsthand, but by all reports it's waxier and cut worse.


reedo, you might try John Elliot when they restock if you want selvedge

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Isn't JE's denim like $300+ a pop? I don't have those kinds of funds frown.gif
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Oh, wow. Just looked and you're right. I thought they were much closer to APC in pricing. Maybe just give the new Uniqlo jeans a shot and see if you can remove the sheen with a few washes?

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i'm liking my rag & bone black skinny jeans. they were like $185 and left me feeling only mildly price-molested. if i were to buy another pair (likely), I'd probably try the Rogue Territory SKs, Baldwin Henleys, or the ones from United Stock Dry Goods, all of which are around the same price as the RBs. and i know there's lots of black pairs i should try that I haven't discovered yet smile.gif
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Ok thanks, should probably get 28s in that case
Also, TBS just launched the website for their own brand of sunglasses, look pretty nice


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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I hate those sunglasses. I buy black jeans from H&M for like 40 bucks.
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Plain black John Elliots that aren't washed are $220... and there's a code now. They probably fit me best "out of the box" besides Dior.
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Need some good stonewashed jawnz for summer. Fuck it maybe I'll just bleach some new standards
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hey Reedo, i've had some good luck with Thvm Atelier jeans. moderately cheap and they have a pretty good cut and construction.
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Hey guys, Can you all do me a favor and report this twat, before he scams someone out of thousands of dollars? I've submitted my own, but if we all submit one, this will get taken down much faster.


Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronograph for under 100k... seems legit -_______- 


I can't believe someone's bid 1800 dollars on that abomination. 



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