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b!cd w/ the vignettes
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Still looking for a pair of Jodhpurs
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Super glue is a pain in the ass. Nail polish remover will get it out but you may still end up with some stiffness in the fibers, a dark spot where the glue was, and maybe fading from the solvent. Sorry man frown.gif fucked up my isaora pants the same way
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Is anyone else disappointed by the new single released by The National? Lyrics are on point as usual, but otherwise... eh

fuck you this is great
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By the way, whoever recommended the Weleda sage deodorant, thanks! I love the smell and it worked great today, very hot and sweaty and I still smelled like herbs. Although I may try Aesop once this bottle runs out.

I believe it was snake. I suggested rose but I have both. I keep sage at my school locker.
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yeah checked that once cause of some thread made by mafoo, thanks thoo,
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I know your fits haven´t been the best, but there´s no need to make such a radical change.

alien.gif i thought no one was gonna figure that out
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Everyone is ridin' Hood By Air's jock right now but I just don't see it. Especially this photo of the designer from the recent NYT article. That shirt facepalm.gif
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

So nice to see Meathead tribal tat patterns have a life after Affliction shirts (10).
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Well, there goes any clothing purchasing plans I had.
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Originally Posted by colabear View Post

I've been hearing about Malin + Goetz a lot in this thread recently and I'm thinking of giving it a try.
The only products I use are Kiehls facial fuel face wash, Kiehls amino acid shampoo and conditioner, Clinique 3.5 scruffing lotion, Degree deodorant, my go to fragrance: Marc Jacobs men.

Vetiver hand and body wash and peppermint shampoo sounds nice

m+g is meh

you don't need all that product, just one soap will do it all

gt aesop is the best one almost done with my 2nd bottle no smell even at the end of the day pits are happy
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Ryan Gosling's look in the movie The Place Beyond the Pines
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anyone know how to get super glue out of clothes? i split the wood on my door and was glueing the panels back together and i guess some got on the carpet and then on my pants. they're 70% linen, 30% cotton then schneider pants. i've washed them and that appears to be pretty ineffective. i've used goo gone/goof off too and it hasn't really done much. most effective thing at this point is picking it off with my fingers but it's taking forever and i don't know that it will do the job completely.

also, anyone know where i can find a pair of these dr martens in size us 11 / uk 10? i also kind of like this pair but rather dislike the yellow stitching and slightly prefer the more matte leather on the other. i guess i could go over the stitching with sharpie, but would prefer not to.

Nail varnish remover got the worst out of a pair of pants, but whilst they're wearable there's still a mark.

You can pick up the Vietnamese made 1461's easily and cheaply - I know people swear by the MIE, but the asian ones really aren't that bad in the matt and aniline finishes.
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Had something shipped from England via Royal Mail, the tracking from RM says its been handed to the US post office a few days ago now but nothing shows up when I try and track with USPS, is this normal? It used to be I can track foreign tracking #s with USPS.
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sometimes it just takes way too long for usps to get their shit in order

happened to me w/ a package from the EU a couple weeks ago, the origin post tracking website said it handed off to USPS and USPS didn't say they had it until like a week later
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I got some of those cheap tees from VoidTheBrand and now I've got drapey long tee fever

Is anyone else making long, loose curved hem shirts for under $100/piece? Alternatively, if you've got some oversized Silent/DD/RO type tanks/shirts you'de like to unload, shoot me a PM!
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