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keep talkin
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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

I actually think his little spats on here are kinda funny. I've never seen someone work so hard to convince strangers on the internet he's cool. Like that quote in his sig about jude law. Trying to compete in coolness or whatever with jude law. Or his posts about cigars and how many pullups he does and that sort of thing.

I think it's all about him being insecure about his masculinity. All those posts are trying to show how masculine he is by doing guy stuff like smoking cigars and working out. The subtext is always about what a man he is. And you'll notice that his go-to reply whenever someone provokes him on here is to say they're on his jock or they've got a hard on for him. It's his way of trying to get under someone's skin by basically calling them a fag, and what it really does is show his own insecurities because in his mind you're less of a man if you're gay. But I bet he already knew all that because
Also, I'm kind of a hipster. (Don't know why someone would say neo-hipster, because I'm not like the new version of it or anything). I'm ok with that. I don't live in Williamsburg though. That would just be crazy.

I've actually thought something similar. well actually, I've wondered if it was straight up homophobia/bigotry, or homophobia masking his homosexuality.
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I don't get why people don't just block posters they don't sf experience has become a lot
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why block when you can try to change the other person foo.gif

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Everyone is getting their panties in a wad, I see. So, unwad them, stfu about one another, and move on. Getting a timeout because there is one guy (or maybe a few guys), you can't stand is stupid, and usually, an CM or Ce thing. Use your block function. It works unless you are a masochist.


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i've been stuck in time out since the migration to huddler foo.gif
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message received. I'm done.

didn't know that happened more often in CM. and i thought those guys were more mature. smh
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they care about mm differences in their sleeve length. do you really expect them to be mature?
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yeah it's the opposite. just read the transmod thread, good lord, what a disaster.

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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

Who needs to up his blazer game:

I've been gradually putting on muscle this entire year, and now that I've started lifting again, the cheap blazers I got while in Paris barely fit unless I wear just a t-shirt beneath 'em. (Even then, they're a bit too tight in the biceps, and the chest is clearly pulling whenever they're buttoned up.) Also, they're just not that cool of blazers. One is a simple black velvet with nothing terribly interesting about it, and the other one is a super lightweight cotton in navy (with vertical blue rayures). And now that there's been a slew of awesome blazer fits by Spope and Synth, I can't get this out of my head.

the rest of this thread aside, I think it'll do you well to check out or order some Uniqlo jackets, size down 1, and get the sleeves tapered and hem. pretty 'easy jackets' to throw on and they should be large enough to accommodate your growth due to hitting the gym again. and I am recommending these as they are fairly decent for a good price. plus, there is an offering of linen or linen and cotton blends. they polyester blend i tried on is really nice IMO in that they fit well, size down 1, and super light for the S/S season. wait till a discount shows up though.
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Do measurements on shoulders really matter when buying a vest? Or is p2p and length be really only thing you be concerned about?
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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

message received. I'm done.

didn't know that happened more often in CM. and i thought those guys were more mature. smh

Best thing to do is not give attention to it, there is a point when baiting is not funny anymore and it just gets reply's from the mod like the one above. Du is the best at trying to seem above things kind of bragging about wealth without having any (I can buy x numbers of shoes with the price of this shoe). Notice I only attempted to help you out he takes the opportunity to bait with the all Margiela doesn't make you "swag drip", whatever that is, comment. This place becomes so much more enjoyable when you just let people like that be a legened in their own minds.

Don't block people though you miss out on all the fun biggrin.gif
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i've had a profound effect on diego it seems since his join date
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How often do you guys get to wear your casual blazers, outside of work?

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