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ok no shoe or boot is gonna have really great arch support, most have pretty much none at all. it's not like these are running shoes with big built up medial posts or anything.

what you want to do is just get whatever shoe or boot your friend would like most, and then put a good insole in it. get a superfeet green or something along those lines
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Item I've been eyeing for a month finally sold now I feel I can't live without it lol
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even worse is when an item like that shows up in stock somewhere or on b&s and you grab it knowing that you need to have it and then it arrives and it doesn't live up to expectations frown.gif
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better to have copped and lost than never to have copped at all
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better to have copped and lost than never to have copped at all

Hell yeah. That's what I did when sns paragon purple melange knit came out I went bought that shit pretty much right when they got it in stock at the union made store. Some things you just can't wait out for, others its just whatever IMO.
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Henrik Vibsov quality is the shit. As in the shittiest, most poorly constructed garment I've ever owned. Purchased a waxed jackets and its falling apart after just 10 wears
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dude, really? i was at their STL show last night.

Yup, saw them in Lawrence, KS
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true story namor. dunno about jackets but their knits. they suck.
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Lange Datograph. That is all.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

fuck this gay earth

Congratulations on writing more in one paper than I have in my entire time at college so far.
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Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

C'mon bro you know better than this, no sense in trying to explain it

I actually think his little spats on here are kinda funny. I've never seen someone work so hard to convince strangers on the internet he's cool. Like that quote in his sig about jude law. Trying to compete in coolness or whatever with jude law. Or his posts about cigars and how many pullups he does and that sort of thing.

I think it's all about him being insecure about his masculinity. All those posts are trying to show how masculine he is by doing guy stuff like smoking cigars and working out. The subtext is always about what a man he is. And you'll notice that his go-to reply whenever someone provokes him on here is to say they're on his jock or they've got a hard on for him. It's his way of trying to get under someone's skin by basically calling them a fag, and what it really does is show his own insecurities because in his mind you're less of a man if you're gay. But I bet he already knew all that because
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Also, I'm kind of a hipster. (Don't know why someone would say neo-hipster, because I'm not like the new version of it or anything). I'm ok with that. I don't live in Williamsburg though. That would just be crazy.
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jet's just a dick sometimes because nobody would care about his posts otherwise.
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so looking forward to jet's reply. nod[1].gif
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Who needs to up his blazer game:

I've been gradually putting on muscle this entire year, and now that I've started lifting again, the cheap blazers I got while in Paris barely fit unless I wear just a t-shirt beneath 'em. (Even then, they're a bit too tight in the biceps, and the chest is clearly pulling whenever they're buttoned up.) Also, they're just not that cool of blazers. One is a simple black velvet with nothing terribly interesting about it, and the other one is a super lightweight cotton in navy (with vertical blue rayures). And now that there's been a slew of awesome blazer fits by Spope and Synth, I can't get this out of my head.
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