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I can't sleep and I need to wake up early tomorrow. Does anybody want to FaceTime and talk about fashions until I fall asleep?
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you guys are boring good night foo.gif
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people in WAYWT needs to stop justifying/rationalizing their shitty fits. it makes it worse, not better.

top 4 funny people in sw&d: teenagelightning, miran, bamchairdance, caseyfud
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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

I want a khaki/natural/light brown/olive colored jacket. Something in cotton twill with corduroy accents maybe. Or those really cool barbour x tokito tweed jackets (lol ain't paying those crazy prices though + 46s are really hard to find?). Something I can really beat up and it'll look 100x better. Something that will make me feel like an Outdoorsy American/Canadian. I don't know. I feel like this should be easy but it's like when I was looking for white sneakers...I just can't find the one or it's like out of production or something.

I feel like the obvious option would be EG. Or junya probably has something in the upper $ range.
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it would be funnier if mens shirts didn't also come in manatee grey

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So I was at the mall shopping for a dress with my girlfriend. A shitty strip mall in central arkansas, of all places. I was being my normal douchey self, judging all the 12 year old emos, when suddenly I saw something that blew my mind. This black guy, with this weird braided hair (it kind poofed up and looked like there was an elastic band tied around his scalp) wearing this l/s, all over printed tiger shirt, a printed bag (looked like LV or something -- something rich people buy to look rich), black skinny jeans tucked into timbs, with a fucking black skirt on. I can't even describe the skirt, it looked thick, came down to about his knees. I wanted to take a picture but i'd feel too awkward going up to him and his black friends and asking to have my picture taken with him. Really took me by surprise, considering I live in a town of about 35,000 in the middle of arkansas.

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probably a rich kanye west fanboy tongue.gif

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I wonder if they post about spotting SF users on other forums.

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Arnold wearing Jil derbies

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What is up with girls geometric pattern leggings/yoga pants, when did this become a trends and why wasn't I told
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Arnold is the man
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So as I was walking to a party last night, I tried to open the button-flap on the ma-1 side of the ToJ jacket... but the button was snapped closed too tight. This happened. frown.gif

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Arnold is the man that fathered a kid with this woman:

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