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there's no way GT is as awkward as his internet persona would make it seem.
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just in case
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pay for soup shirt

build a fort

set it on fire ©
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Mentioned in summer thread other day toasty but HLorenzo has viridi anne hats that might fit that description. Ftr, I do not condone purchase or wear of said hats. But if you like it go for it.
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Anyone know any Ca4la stockists?

Specifically looking for this hat

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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

there's no way GT is as awkward as his internet persona would make it seem.

This is entirely possible
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now everyone can afford to buy stuff from Nippon.

"Yen falls sharply on Bank of Japan's stimulus measures"
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KOY, looking nice. What's the brand?
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Mathew ames x *guess three times* peepwall[1].gif

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You and your Weekday! I guess I have to visit too.
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Peeps in New York may want to check these out. MAD Museum is doing a series of talks with menswear designers hosted by the editor of Garmento Magazine (garmentozine.com is a pretty cool site, if you haven't seen it). The schedule right now goes, in order, Siki Im, Antonio Azzuolo, Tim Coppens, and Patrik Ervell. http://garmentozine.com/2013/02/25/garmento-presents-conversations-in-american-menswear/

Here are the details on each of the events:
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Is wearing the rug jacket to the Tim Coppens talk the same as wearing a band tee to their concert?







edit: new york kids get at me I'll go to Coppens and Ervell. I don't want to show up by myself, but I also have not met anyone here before, but the latter seems more comforting. At least we can walk into the talk together quietly rather than alone.  It will be my first time at MAD so it's going to be super awkward. I don't have plans to venture around anywhere else so we can go our separate ways afterwards.

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toasty is going to be regretting that post for a long time to come. makes me happy inside.

i might be in for coppens, actually. really curious. last time I was at Barney's coppens was my favorite stuff there.
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