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How's the quality of the stuff made by opening ceremony?
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Originally Posted by MIRAN! View Post

The Shah with Captain Mal Reynolds, circa 2512
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Originally Posted by el Bert View Post

Damn that a sick pic, he must be the real most interesting man in the world.



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Its so much easier to pack when its summer clothing and not winter. Can fit a whole weeks worth of clothes (+ shoes) into a carry on

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luggage on the bed  uhoh.gif uhoh.gif

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wingardium leviosa didn't work so I had to put it somewhere foo.gif
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Sitting near the connection entrance of the international terminal at the San Fran airport, pretty good style watching

Edit: guy in black gats just walked by, was tempted to have a meeting of the gats
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some great stuff on the latest post on internet k-hole





that shirt worship.gif

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My girlfriend's cat died next to us last night. He wasn't even five. I'm not an animal person, but clothes and similar hobbies seemed so meaningless as I sat by her while she caressed her "little tiger baby" as the life left his body.
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that sucks. sorry.

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Miharayasuhiro Overdye Wingchip Shoes

Kinda inlove.gif
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Things I saw in the San Fran airport:
Asian dude in loafers and a blazer wearing pants that looked mottled like they were sprayed with oil or something
Dude doing the denim tuxedo except with a dark fair isle knit sticking out of the bottom of the jacket, carrying a leather seabag
Black cp Achilles
Those black gats
Dude in all black, with huge facial hair wearing a trashed air force officer hat, accompanied by a girl who coulda been his daughter wearing also all black with giant boots and a hello kitty rolling bag
Whole class of Japanese schoolchildren in identical blue track suits, half of them with air masks on
Dude who appeared to have a garment tag stuck to his head
Japanese rock & roll guy--black rider jacket with half unzipped cuffs, long sleeves sticking out, black denim, everything really skinny, cowboy boots
Old guy with a double breasted cardigan, a nice hat, and bright yellow corduroy pants
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I'm moving to SF

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Bay Area is the best
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not only is the fabric on this aw04 speckled wool jacket awesome, the wool leggings came with a little surprise inside, something others were discussing earlier somewhere...

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