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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Oh, also, does anyone have any licorice recommendations? Of all types, but particularly salmiakki-style fish. Gimme the good stuff, the hard-hitters, the candies that drip with anise and licorice root and other herbaceous goodness.

Mustapantteri is one of my favorites, but they don't sell them separately anymore. Also:

And the best liquorice there is

And the suggestions of vodka are really valid, as well. I had a mixed shot a while back, half salmiakkikossu, half mint vodka. Really good.
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The Dutch produced stuff seems the best (although I do have a fondness for Pontefract Cakes).

Just don't take too much:
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i always buy licorice at the phamarcy lol
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You recieved an email from Orlebar Brown, that they have started offering custom color combos, sounds like, it's time for a little procrastination. shog[1].gif
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Went to pax, met a girl working there, she invites me to her house to get stoned after the show, get to her place a couple hours before my bus leaves, got high with her, can't find my bus ticket, freak the fuck out, can't find a place to print another, frantically leave to go to the bus station, argue with peter pan ticket window about getting another ticket, end up taking lucky star, get back to my apartment, go to reach for keys, ticket is in the pocket of my jeans.
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i swear there are times where ill have searched a spot multiple times and then just give up and find what i was looking for there the next day. I blame the same people that steal only on sock from a pair from the dryer.

Also, I think I Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
should get new glasses soonish

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thought that bottle said koskesh

synth take waywt whilst holding licorice pipe in mouth
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Does anyone know where I can find some black turtlenecks? AA wants 32$ for one, and I am not inclined to pay 32$ for an AA t-shirt.

LL Bean?
Originally Posted by sinnedk View Post


No, the dog's name is Jake. Bingo was another dog. #b!cd

Moo, that cake is fuckin' awesome. My wife would never do something that rad.
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With Jake the dog and Moo the human the fun will never end.
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i'm probably months late... but anyone knows where the balenciaga pleated highs are still available?  thanks in adv..

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had a chance to check out the Rick brushed leather zip boots (same ones on ln-cc) in person over the weekend. I thought they looked really good. surprisingly subdued for rick. actually thought they looked a lot like ann d. the price is a little excessive, but, you know, it's rick.
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strike down the (damir) DOMA!
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