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powerful, Witch*

pm me, do not trust 4est
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Originally Posted by GoldenTribe View Post

Did anyone else notice Lanvin has a $2,755 polyester blazer on Mr Porter?

How desperate are people to look "louche?"

I often dress louche, but find it sends too many running off to the dictionary to justify the expense.
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Decided to sell my gbrato jacket

Finally saw a picture of me wearing it zipped up. Fits horribly. Would be better on a differently shaped person frown.gif
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p4 stole my joke I was gonna use frown.gif
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Originally Posted by APK View Post

That moment when you finally acquire a grail item and it doesn't fit. Sorry, Synthese!
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at the risk of sounding cliche, i'm beginning to find the emotional connection i develop with my clothes to be very interesting. for example, i have a pair of levis that aren't anything special (except they fit perfectly) that i'm considering sending off to get the crotch repaired. it'll certainly cost almost as much as the pants cost new to get them repaired, but for some reason it seems worth it. same with my old pair of n&f, which I've spent probably a total of $100 at this point getting repaired. or synth's super destroyed APCs. Most people would throw those out, but they really become a part of your wardrobe you don't want to see disappear.
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sufu ronnel thread so good right now
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

dress entirely in flannel shirts tied around various parts of your body, including your feet

Originally Posted by conceptual 4est View Post

would do the flannel shirt thing but I only own 2 so I won't have time to thrift and wash a bunch.  I like the idea though so next time

cover as much of your body as possible using only two flannel shirts shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Biggskip View Post

For somebody that gets dressed in biz cas or wears a suit to work each day (I assume you are in the former) you legitimately need 10 dress shirts (I prefer 15). This way you can go to the cleaners once on the weekend and always have enough shirts to get you through the week.

For shoes, I would say you need two pairs for work. Putting your shoes in trees and giving them a full 36 hours to "air-out" before their next wearing will prolong their life meaningfully. Plus, you're going to want one pair in black and one in brown anyways.

Ties - Yeah, you probably don't need more than 10-15.

As for the one off weird things (tux, plaid pants), so long as your closet isn't jammed with these sort of things, just keep them. While their use is limited, having them around when you need them is part of what constitutes real style. I have a velvet blazer that I pretty much only wear during Christmas, but it kicks ass every Christmas and that's what I like about it.

I have 60... facepalm.gif peepwall[1].gif and counting...

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I don't know how people take high end designer prices seriously when sales are often over 75% off... I guess only the super rich buy this stuff at full price...



Also, what are people's success rates buying items online from places like yoox? I return over 50% of the stuff I order, just today I had 5 out of 5 pieces from MyHabit not work out, sent them all back... but I've had a few great finds, a $2k coat for $360 and a really nice blazer/jacket kind of thing that was $600 for $75, and I really like both pieces. Those finds will keep me at it, but the stuff that doesn't work is disappointing...

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Simple black derby from Red Wing

Too bad no half sizes
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Originally Posted by Dorje View Post

I don't know how people take high end designer prices seriously when sales are often over 75% off for the shit no one wanted at retail (or 30% (or 50%)).


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So a couple of b&s or should i say bs experiences to share.

One guy wanted something, pms me and doesn't follow my payment instruction so I refund him so he can send the proper amount and he never sends it or pms back even though I know he's read my pms. I even said "hey motherfucker I know you've read my pms bitch". Ok I didn't quite articulate it that way but you get the gist.

Another character wanted my brand new unworn apcs which I had listed the waist size for. He asks if I can measure the inseam, no problem and he says perfect. Then he goes ok before I send the money can you measure the knee (wtf?) and the hem (understandable) but at this point you pretty much know what to expect. He also says he'll have the money in a day or two (ok) so a couple days goes by and he doesn't send the money as he stated. I don't pm him back to see if he'll keep his word (this point i'm doubtful) and he's waiting for these crucial measurements so I pm him after several days "hey do you still want these, if so I can measure" and his response was the measurements won't hurt. At this point I'm like wtf kind of response is that and my hunch that he was wasting my time for specs was accurate as after I sent them, no response. I follow up and he finally responds with oh too big. Right.

I know, cool story bros.

PS. someone buy my margiela leather and all my shoes
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

cool b&s story

Just put it all in your listing:

here are all the measurements you'll ever need
no holds
no trades
no lowballs
fuck you!
first to pay gets the item

This will save you a lot of headaches.

That said, this week I had several tabs open and got mixed-up and offered to pay APK for a blazer in ties. facepalm.gif
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