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Just got the Bourne/ma-1 in. Awesome jacket, though I didn't realize it would be so light. (No worries though, it's kinda exactly what I need as the weather starts to turn.) Now I just need a leather to fill the pulsating void in my closet. (Or I need to make sure that my apartment isn't built atop ancient Indian burial grounds...)

Belated, but to echo px4: eid-e shoma mubarak, Persian bro(s).
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Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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totally RFT: I feel (once again) like I need to get rid of half my stuff. I don't have 3 closets worth or anything, but I feel like I have too much. But I also have a bunch of things that I rarely wear but can't get rid of. Like I own a tux, a cream linen suit, and you're all familiar with the plaid pants from Epaulet.

I also have like 10 pairs of shoes and there's a reason for each of them. Looking at them I can't think of any I could get rid of. But in the abstract I'm thinking "why don't I just have 1 pair of boots, 2 pairs of dress shoes, and one pair of sneakers." That kind of stuff.

Do I need more than 10 dress shirts? More than 5?

I have like 30 ties. I could probably do with only 5.

I hate to use the word "versatile" but I feel like I ought to be able to make do with far less if I were really careful about the choices of what to buy.

And so I feel like I need to get rid of half my stuff, but I also feel like I need to buy a bunch of new things in order to have the few perfect pieces I need. .

tl;dr: clothes ffffuuuu.gif



I would say that when I 1. decided to only buy from a couple brands and 2. only wear what I really really enjoy, this fashion thing has become a lot more fun and enjoyable to me. These days I spend maybe a week looking and asking around for each piece I buy and when I do receive it I just look at it for about a day and compare to what I have, if I REALLY like it then I keep. I can honestly say I have maybe 2 or 3 things I am selling and I will be done for the foreseeable future. I don't like having too many options, I like great things in small numbers. I have in rotation a total of 50 pieces (with another 45 just for certain occasions) that I won't ever give up. Might sound farfetched or romanticized but I truly think I can do it. I am pretty stubborn and hard headed though satisfied.gif

Maison Martin Margiela- General Clothing/Accessories/Footwear (2 Lanvin pieces-shirt and low tops as exception)
Orlebar Brown- Anything Beachwear
Sunspel- Q14 Deep V-Necks/Sleepwear

Feels good


Yeah I am with you on the brands thing, although not quite as devoted to one. But it's nice to figure out what works and stick with it. For me it's Epaulet for suits, trousers, and casual shirts. Moderntailor for dress shirts. Uniqlo for "basics." And SNS Herning for knits.


Footwear is all over the place though. Hrm.

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you can't look at clothing as an endeavor to build the 'perfect' closet. you need to accept that there's always going to be things that will add to your line up... it's just part of the journey (as cliched and stupid as that sounds).
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Originally Posted by slstr View Post

Stop fucking advertising your weekday stuff dude, if someone wants your proxy they'll ask for it...


Your devotion to hate on whatever I do is impressive, I'll give you that.

If I comment something positive (for example about a fit of yours) you promptly ignore it, but if it's something that if you twist it fits into your perceived idea of me as a scumbag, then you'll be sure to tell everyone about it.


I'm fairly sure you won't believe me, or ever think positive of me for that matter (why that is I don't know), but honestly I was just trying to help/give a suggestion to whoever it was who commented about the blue dries-stuff

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I don't think you're a scumbag, you honestly just annoy me and I am a dick about it and that's totally my flaw.


And I'm sorry, but that was advertising and it's not cool.

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yo koy, i don't hate you, and i appreciate your entrepreneurial spirit, but it IS pretty annoying when you're like "so there's this designer piece everyone wants, but check out this weekday knockoff that's almost as cool!" and it's extra annoying considering weekday isn't a brand most people on this site even have easy access to.
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Channel your pubescent anger into "lifting weights" or something, guys.
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I don't think anyone interested in a Dries knit would settle for a look-a-like from Weekday. At least I wouldn't. Honestly, it's like a slightly darker H&M.

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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

Channel your pubescent anger into "lifting weights" or something, guys.

Haha, I actually did this today.

Had an exam which I hadn't studied enough for. Went pretty shit so went straight to the gym and set personal records on all lifts for the day.

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I've never thought about it that way when I actually post the stuff (I'm usually thinking more along the lines of: "shiiiit this is cool, but my friends are boring and won't think this is cool but maybe someone on sf will like it too and consider it a nice deal", which it actually has resulted in a couple of times smile.gif)

But looking back I'd probably say the same thing you're saying if someone else had written such stuff several times, so will stop with it



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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

it's extra annoying considering weekday isn't a brand most people on this site even have easy access to.

Which is why, he tells everyone that it exists and he can "help". wink.gif
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weekday? moar like WEAKday, amirite.
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I like this, but 1695$. facepalm.gif

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What is the zipper on the collar for?
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Hidden Hood is my guess
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