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More people need to write copy like Synthese's:

The jackets are a deal as well. I just want to know the size. I find that the marked size, if you know the brand, are more useful than measurements, which, for a jacket, miss things like the waist, the seat and skirt, the arm width and length, etc...
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probably 50's or maybe a 52
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Sounds like the end of Synthese
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like when you see someone selling a huge assortment of music equipment on craigslist and hear the faint croak of a dying dream
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Pretty sure he's got plenty left...
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Thanks, Fok - just realized I didn't even include a size in most of those listings. Yowch.
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Vacation over, I find myself really wanting an Optimo Montecristi Panama Hat
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Sounds like the end of Synthese

Sounds like the end of 2010 Synthese.

I wish he had bigger feet. Or I had smaller feet. Or maybe both.
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I really need to bust out the dinner jackets. Goddam my tailor is so fucking far.
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Excuses excuses.

Jouissance for word of the day. Courtesy of Synth's copy.
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Why is it some damn difficult to find high quality 6mm boot laces.
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Synth's B&S listings are a buffet of linguistic treats

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good old days! Love that I am the only one in clothes in the pool pic
Originally Posted by lmaozedong View Post

we need an ordo.

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some quality spam we're seeing this morning...
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