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Also, the author of the NYT piece is possibly guilty of the "authenticity" form of status-seeking that Andrew Potter has written about in his book "The Authenticity Hoax."
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Yeah, I wish my life were so minimal that all I had to worry about was combining all my leisure travel and not owning so many houses
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Speaking of that stuff, and following all of that spreadsheet talk, I made one, just of things to sell, and it is really, really long. How did I acquire so much clothing? It is really time for a spring cleaning.

I put 2 bags of clothes in one of those charity shop bins last night. I still have one bag of decent stuff to sell but it felt really good.
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So pretty sure I've found out what I type of winter shoe/boot I'd like the most. CP training boot in nylon with some thermal lining and on this sole:!/buttero-hiking-sneakers-dark-brown/1431 but obviously sole color same as upper. Nylon good so salt isn't as important and at the same time the upper isn't as likely to outlast the sole (like cordovan buttero's...). But where can I find this? Could also be ok in leather but then I'd want a replaceable sole without a high heel. Could also want a zip so they're easier to put on. Who is in for group buy? How large do we need to make the group? Who wants to organize the group buy (I don't)?
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Rose Oud is nice but everyone in the USA will relate it to a very feminine old-woman type perfume. Also, it pales in comparison to a good mukhallat that uses real oud and all-natural ingredients, but such a mukhallat might cost around $50/mL. Check out Agaraura's Al-Jazzab, it's $145 for about 3 mL. If you like this type of scent it is worth buying a sample to check it out, and 3 mL will last for about a few hundred wears, so the price really isn't that horribly expensive...

After trying hundreds of frags the only "conventional" one I wear with regularity is Puredistance M. I also wear a handful of pure oud oils and mukhallats from Agaraura. Most mainstream men's colognes come off as horribly synthetic and are really annoying. cdg2man is full of iso-e super, one of my least favorite aromachemicals.

i think that's what i was getting at, with the gender issue though i don't really care about it. thanks for the recs i'll check out, love me some real oud !
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check out al-rehab, particularly silver & khaliji

avignon is good, too

will look into it but particularly khaliji sounds a bit awful even though it's my khalij bigstar[1].gif (couldn't resist lol)

also no alternatives for teh sarassins ? that has to be my favorite but it's non-export so i can't get it till next visit or someone comes over here
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AJ oop and tworks card made my day.
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is a shirt with 30in front length too long for someone 5'9 to wear untucked foo.gif

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I have a shirt that's 135cm long I wear untucked
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

also no alternatives for teh sarassins ? that has to be my favorite but it's non-export so i can't get it till next visit or someone comes over here

Non-export line is now available online
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i might as well fly to paris and pick it up lol it was 120eur in the store there and you get your vat back at the airport
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Originally Posted by dwyhajlo View Post

I also like the concept of minimalism, but I get frustrated when millionaires begin preaching that "all you need is love" (or 400 square feet). It's an appealing idea, and it's hard to argue against from an ecological standpoint, BUT I'm suspicious of minimalism's supposed status as a panacea for the ills of consumerism. Quite often it seems to be couched in an unacknowledged assumption that you can defer or relocate your sites of consumption. For example, in this article, this gentleman talks about how he spends much of his money on travel, how he likes to throw large dinner parties, etc. Are these just different ways - which are largely inaccessible to people of lower socioeconomic status - in which consumption is instantiated?
I cleaned and organized my bookshelves the other day, and, perversely, it may be the happiest I've been in months. Maybe Mr. Hill feels happier now, because his modes of consumption are not just monetary transactions (buying/selling), but are now also transactions of time, emotional content, etc. ("doing")

I think you've misunderstood. I don't think you're contradicting his point but agreeing with it. Yeah, he has the money to travel a lot, which is great for him. Most of us don't. But the underlying point is the same: it's an experience he's spending on rather than an object. His point isn't about spending less money; it's about spending it differently. Rather than spend your money on clothes or gadgets or furniture or a big house or an expensive car, spend it on things that enrich your life in a different way. Actually, you know what research finds makes people really happy? Helping others. And you can do that for free.

I would also like to add that most of us on this site aren't millionaires, but we're not exactly broke either. We do spend a lot of money on accumulating stuff. There's a lot of lusting after things on here. The point is that getting that thing isn't going to make you happy for any extended period, and that point is relevant to the SF audience, whether it comes from a millionaire or not. I actually think that's something most of us realize, but it's good to be reminded every so often.
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after sewing a button back on a blazer yesterday, i remembered that restoring older clothes can be just as fun as buying new ones
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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

The point is that getting that thing isn't going to make you happy for any extended period, and that point is relevant to the SF audience...

On the other hand, a list of things that make me happy for extended periods (or have renewable joys):

1) Favorite books
2) A handful of movies
3) That one person
4) ...
5) ...

Countries change. People change. Ice cream melts. You don't make the love once and then sign-off, is what I'm saying. Life is cyclical, and so are we...
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This whole new-agey "spend your hopefully considerable amount of money to gather soul-enhancing experiences" is such ahistorical bullshit. You think the landed gentry was sad about slowly spending money on more land instead of bikram yoga, trips to Goa and personal trainers? The strong personal and symbolic ties that linked them to their ancestors, immediate and even extended family, social class and community gave meaning to what they bought. A bunch of whiny yuppies in their 30s and 40s are crying over their meaningless buying of random shit they saw on tumblr because they have no one to share it with and no one fucking cares about their $500 dollars sunglasses so they create an entirely fictional relationship to a holistic universe and globalized world by taking pilates class in Katmandou, fuck these people!
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