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I really wanted to share this with you guys, I am personally extremely impressed with the new D&G A/W 2013 collection! I think it's amazing that someone could use something so artistic as an icon and incorporated into beautiful clothing ! Great job ,  what do you think ?


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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

Haha, don't worry man.

The ToJ is a great jacket, I'm just not satisfied with the fit on me. I was putting it on just the other day to send some interested users a few fit pics, and it occurred to me that, yes, I really will miss owning it once I sell it. But it'll be alright; there are plenty of fish in the sea lambs and cows on the earth.

As for the burgundy pants, I think I'm just realizing that they're just not a pair of everyday sort of pants—and that's what I had gotten used to with indigo and black jeans. Also, I really could use a pair of tan suede shoes to complement the pants. But these pants I have fit really well, and they've a nice hue (none of that pomegranate bs). I'm not dissatisfied; I'm just trying to figure 'em out.

I think once I sell the ToJ, I'm probably just going to get a much cheaper jacket, then either put the remainder aside or use it to add a few other basic things I need (button-downs, better t's, maybe put some cash away for sneakers). You can tell me if this all sounds crazy, but I don't think I've anything to worry about. (Though I'm pretty sure you were being facetious the whole time, still figured I'd respond.) satisfied.gif

I'm also undergoing some kind of schizo-feelings w/r/t style and stuff. Think reedo, but without the same quick turnover of the things I purchase (luv u rdo).

If you happen to know some brand producing decent leather jackets with a good quality/price ratio please let me know
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I don't, and I don't expect to find anything comparable to ToJ's quality/cost ratio.

I'm not restricting myself to just looking at leathers as replacement for what I'm selling, but I might consider ordering a ToJ suiting wool ma-1 or the new varsity.
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Is dark petrol a good color for pants (they're cut like jeans but not denim)? Versatile?

Usually don't like "colored" bottoms but it sounds decent in my head, and I imagine it can be paired with navy, charcoal, brown or black.

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Anyone know much about the brand Basicon?
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It sucks my name has become synonymous with feelings of discontent and commercial disenchantment frown.gif

Especially since I actually really love my wardrobe and all the pieces in it. Speaking of, NDG ballistic vest arrived and it is so fucking nice. Fits perfect, material is insane and the details are top notch. NDG is always on point
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Leave "on point" in 2011 where it belongs
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Originally Posted by GoldenTribe View Post

Leave "on point" in 2011 where it belongs

That is an on point message.
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where2kop leggings
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Originally Posted by GoldenTribe View Post

Leave "on point" in 2011 where it belongs

Hahaha fair enough
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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Motherfuckin' Babar print.

Whoa, this Babar print is awesome for S/S. I normally hate short sleeve BDs, but this goes perfect with them.
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I like this hat. Want to try pulling something like this off in the future

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LNCC redesign is sucky sucky
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i kinda like it. product shots are better now. on a related note, i'm all for rethinking basics, but this seems like more trouble than it's worth. hopefully you only need to unbutton like the top two buttons to get into and out of it
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which bird is that in the middle?

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