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No stockists but past shit has been dope as well though I haven't followed it for a couple of years.

sophnet >>>> eg
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Ugh OF COURSE it's Japanese.
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Originally Posted by dusty View Post
Anybody else think this stuff looks pretty great?
+1. Looks awesome.
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Revised (lest I offend).
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Originally Posted by Hard2Fit View Post
Revised (lest I offend).
Hmm? Did you originally say something like 'rooks awesome'?
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I dropped in a line about Brokeback Mountain. I may not have phrased it well but the intent was to express my disgust with cowboy/western themed SW&D.
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I wish I had all LVC denim instead of Japanese stuff but I don't know if it's worth selling everything and starting over.
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^I will be kopping 47s when they become available again really dislike all these jap. denim companies.
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i have A LOT of "just in case" shit in my closet that's accumulated over the years - stuff i keep around "just in case" i'll need it at some point. it's mainly L/S button-up shirts. i really need to just get rid of about 70% of my wardrobe and build back up now that i have a more solid grasp on things.
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The sad part about constantly making your wardrobe better is that every 6 months you feel like you're starting over as you put away the couple nice things you bought during that season, then pull out last year's SS or FW stuff and realize your game last year was on a lower level. Wearing this stuff, I haven't "felt" stylish in months, possibly because I'm hording my money instead of buying anything new, but it can be pretty depressing.
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^that's why I stopped buying ndg, apc, wh, geller
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
^that's why I stopped buying ndg, apc, wh, geller

Yea, I'm starting to think that I should just completely eschew buying anything mid-market and stick to discounted high end stuff, so I never look back on the previous year's purchases (which becomes current year as the season changes) and feel like I've wasted my money on something that doesn't look anything special.
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i hear you brian. luckily i have this shitty texas 2 season bullshit on my side and i've come to the realization that i only need a handful of F/W options. it sucks because i grew up in a 4-season climate and fall's my favorite time of year, but i have to stay focused. a few solid L/S and a couple of sweaters will be more than adequate. i can jump on a few of the sales around here and still look pretty damn good (now and even next year) compared to most of the fools that go out around here in their nordstrom-suits.
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