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It's made by martin greenfield and is fully canvassed.
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We're all getting trolled, man. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting the shit trolled out of me after buying pants for $100.
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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

Disagree. Once you come to an agreement and you send your paypal info they should be given a reasonable amount of time to pay and at least a warning message before you move on to another buyer.

For me, it's always been first to pay, gets. People string you along, for whatever reason, and you can lose a potential sale. The times I've sold (probably a couple of dozen over 11 years), I've always given fair warning to both parties that there is another party, and that whoever pays first, gets. However, if I'd agreed with one party on a lower price, and that one comes in first, I take that. Fair is fair.
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yeah, sorry to hear what happened volatile, but shit happens. you have to realize that over the internet, your word means very little. happens to all of us. i missed out on my grail for the same reason. you may feel bad, but in the end, it's really up to the seller.
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There is no reason to not paypal within a day, so as a seller there is nothing more annoying than when you are going back and forth with someone and you hitem with the paypal then boom no paypal? Show me the money.

Only exception is homies on here I will hold shit for bc I know they're good for it. Except for gosurface, I held some shit for that bitch for like a month or some shit and he kept stringing me along with bullshit. Then a couple months later he's buying all this ann and rick invalidating his excuses baically, never apologizes, and pretends like all is well.
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

contrast this to ebay, where a written agreement to buy really is binding, and if either buyer or seller flakes, there's serious consequences (within ebay at least)

If only. Buyers can do whatever the fuck they want.

If it makes you feel better, the seller lost $.30 refunding you. That's right, PayPal doesn't actually return the full fee amount on a refund! Unless you call and bitch of course...
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that skirt is really cool but price is insane :|
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I am a starving college student. The idea of spending $1000+ on a pair of shoes is outrageous and completely idiotic...


Or at least it was, until I discovered Gaziano & Girling...


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I always pay the second I read the seller's PM agreeing to sell. The way i see it, I've got 4g internet everywhere and the PayPal app, so there's no reason not to. Plus, I get whatever i bought faster.
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Yea, I've definitely slept on sending PP funds, and after a day, they have the right to assume I flake and sell it to someone else. A courtesy PM never hurts though. Also, if I've waited 2+ days, I usually email them and ask if they still have it, then tell them I'm sending funds.

Holding shit is fine, especially if the person is nice or they're willing to do a deposit. Usually I'm not in a hurry to sell, but sometimes you gotta flip fast ya know
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I don't think that Volatile (to speak on your behalf if I may be so bold) would disagree with any of the points that people have made. All he was really upset about is that the seller didn't give him a heads up that somebody else had purchased the item before Volatile had the chance to send the money. If the seller had said, "Hey, I'm sorry to tell you this, but I had to sell the item to somebody else, keep your money." I don't think he would have cared nearly as much.
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

I've never handled Hope's shoes, but if they're anything like the Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair shoes I've handled, they'll have pretty nice leather but cemented construction

It's the leather on this pair that bugged me. Anyway, decided on restraint. If you need black bluchers...
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In terms with my personal thing when it comes to buying and asking for holds:


I'm known to ask sellers to have something on hold for me.

Mainly because I am 100% if not 99% committed to buying the thing I ask to hold.

The reason being why I don't buy it immediately is because I usually have to work things out with my funds first.

Have to sell some things to get the rest of the money, wait for my paycheck, etc...


I'm always thankful to the sellers that do hold on to the items for me, and it seems like they let me usually most of the time.

So for those of you on the forum that have sold me things, big thanks and I highly appreciate it.

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2.5 days is way too long. Timezones are irrelevant anyways as PayPal info was already there. And people flake like no other everywhere and/or do the ok now we have a deal wait did I let you know I'm in xx country? And I want the same price even when shipping is 30-50 more? Sell quite a bit as I'm on Namor level shoe kopping lately and I would never wait more than a day. And honestly who knows when the other buyer paid? Buyer could have paid minutes before you paid. And if you are selling a few things you will also get buyers who send payments with no details whatsoever and then you have to figure out who the buyer is especially if you have had 5 other buyers with PayPal info who never paid.
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Gawd, it's the worst when someone negotiates the price down from what I initially ask SHIPPED WITHIN THE CONUS and then they PP me funds and send me their address and lo and behold, they're in Canada or Thailand or some shit. Luckily people have been good about sending me an extra $10-15 to make up the addtl shipping
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