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^^Just got back home after 30hours of travel time, comfort>swag...I did have my schneider cardi tho.

Where can I talk about turtle necks?
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If you're not comfortable in a white tee, jeans and sneakers, you need to get better.

TOJ's are like being cocooned in a lamb skin blanket also. I can't imagine a more comfortable way to wear an animal.
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I just wear track pants and lunar glides on longer trips.
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Going to cop me a muji neck pillow next time I travel and make sure I have a stole or big ass scarf for times when the cabin gets cold = swagged out comfort air travel
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So, just for fun I tried to see if I could assemble a coherent outfit from today's B&S postings. Or at least the first few pages. Items had to be close to my size. Here's what I came up with. Not something I'd usually wear but I kinda like it.



outfit #1 (Click to show)



Margiela tux jacket 


EG polka dot pants


CP perforated shoes


this is a WTB, I couldn't find any decent white tees, knits or shirts



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That outfit would look killer on you Parker, I say go for it.
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post


Any pants I've handled with flap pockets, the flaps could be tucked in and hidden - not the case?

Could be the case. They look rather big on these though, and the style of the trousers is a bit more formal than I'd like to wear every day. Not sure if they would fit in a casual fit.

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thought some guys here might like this, don't know where to put it

Kiryuyrik FW13. ¥92,000
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Formal event later tonight in the city. Not quite opening night at the symphony, but it should be fun. Going pretty plebe status though - Dlester did you ever get that Lanvin?
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velvet blazer

looks like aldens are topping out at 772 a pair now lulz

i love these yearly price increases that are "normal"

fuck off alden
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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

RFT: Why is it so damn difficult to find a pair of thick wool trousers with a loose but tapered cut that do not look like sweatpants? I like an elastic waist but not so sure on elastic hem. Sounds like an obvious style of trousers for me at least but no one produces it. Been searching every webstore there is but the closest I've come is 700 dollar ones from SZ labels.

what about these? I've been looking at them but decided it wasn't worth $100+ to have a pair of COS pants, but maybe you feel differently
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Some coming for KKA F13 that are under $300 and sound like what you're talking about. But that won't drop until July.
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boys how do i wear this gigantic schneider scarf.


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pic related

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Wrap that shit around your neck.
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Best women's collection I've seen in yerars inlove.gif Skip to 2:54 if you're a philistine and just want to admire the transforming bits

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