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the procrastination is strong with this one...

luckily pretty much done studying and soon off to browse sf during class
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Bridging off the Blanc et Noir talk from other threads: is it possible that there are some spare Blanc et Noir sneakers from SS '12 lying around in some far-flung boutique's overstock? Would love to see if I could get my hands on one of these:

i dont think these made it into production
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It's amazing how "7-10 working days" can feel like an eternity.

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try ordering a TOJ.
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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

But Style is eternally beautiful, frozen at 34, charming, witty, worldy without being disenchanted. She was as such the day you married her and will be as such the day you die. She adapts but does not fundamentally change. You know who she is and she is everything you will ever want.

Fashion wakes up with smeared eyeliner. The stench of booze and last night's forgotten memories mingling with cheap, day old perfume.

Why would you ever step out?
You had too much booze as well? j/k - you have very poetically captured both the difference between style and fashion as well as provided an eloquent analogy to commitment and relationships. Well done. I could not possibly top your post.

oh, MC
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Is everyone on the MC side a John Updike wannabe?
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You get a new mistress every couple of years to stay current and young forever. Why would you not step out if you have the means?
Given the current state of "fashion," with these ridiculous undersized suits that bisect your fly and your ass, I'd say that Fashion is not an "exciting young mistress" but a cheap, skanky whore! (Not that I haven't frolicked with some of the latter!)

kill me
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I agree that the white B&N sneakers may seem a little too busy, but on my black pair, you barely notice the suede and the stitching on the side so it looks a lot cleaner. 

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the CM recent purchase thread is the grossest, most vulgar thread on the forum. just endless, empty consumerism. it's one of the key differences between the two forums - in CM many posters are defined by the volume of their purchases.
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here, on the other hand, posters mostly just fantasize about that kind of empty consumerism (broke college kids)
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I wish before I purchased something a pop up appeared that said, "Are you sure?", then another one, "No, you should probably listen to me.", and finally, "Last chance asshole."
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Check out my roommates interview with Ervell. Famous for putting a pocket on a sweater
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I was interested, and then I read this
The American-born son of Swedish immigrants, who studied poli-sci at Berkley, had plans of being a diplomat and traveling the world.

and now I'm sad.
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Spelled Berkeley wrong

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Originally Posted by Dbear View Post

Spelled Berkeley wrong

Thanks he's fixing it now biggrin.gif
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