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no all black non-techy versions though

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How about a Herschel Supply or since you are swedish Fjellräven (be warned I will laugh and point if you get the later).
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The one I posted is by a swedish brand as well smile.gif

Herschel have 2-3 alright all black ones, but the Sandqvist one I posted is still "cleaner" imo

And no fjällräven, uppsala is flooded with hipsters wearing those

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Has anyone tried those Hotel Manufacture ma-1s yet?
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i bought a black leather backpack off ebay for $40. it's old and used but the leather is better than most you see today. it can be done
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

I only have a couple mid-range geller shirts (nothing really high end) but they don't really get wrinkled except for the inside of the elbows (I don't tuck in my shirts).  My uniqlo oxfords tend to look like they've been balled up in the bottom of the laundry bin before I even make it to work.

Alright. I guess you missed the point. We are talking about possibly suiting up with the latter being the same sans tie. You can stay in your corner with your monkey arms hanging to your side and be Mr. Cool wearing your designer brands, shirt untucked, jeans and pony hair shoes pretending to work while, a smirk on your face thinking "Look at these peasants in their biz caz!" Keep rocking your mid-range geller shirts, nothing really high end, you know.


Uniqlo dress shirts, like their spread collars, wash and dry wonderfully. No wrinkles at all and iron easily. Going to pickup a set of 5+ in place of their button down oxfords, which 1) wrinkle a tone and 2) have a single pleat in the back making double darts a bit of a monstrosity. As fuuma said, going to eventually toss the oxfords or delegate them to off-work attire.
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James Blake = SF Approved

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Ha I was looking at that cover today and thinking about how I wore a very similar outfit throughout the winter
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pffff finally listed a bunch of shit but I forgot my margiela leather and homme plus blazer lol8[1].gif

maybe I don't really want to sell those haha
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

Didn't realize how much shit I had (well I do but still). Jil tanks, rick sleeveless tee, comme plaid shorts, dries crewneck sweater, dries dress shirts. Fuckin tired of taking pics need to start listing.


The whole forum wants to own your stuff, hurry up dude!!!  bounce2.gif

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I'm trying bro, I'm trying.

Sorry for the wrinkles gaiz, I feel like razele lol8[1].gif
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d'oh jesus - lncc drops so tempting. sale so far away :/
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Saw 147 new posts in WAYWT, before opening the thread I played a little game I like to call "ElisiX or Benesyed?".
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Some week ago I commented on Filippa K's instagram and asked why they barely featured any mens stuff on it, to which they replied they would try to feature more for guys. Today they uploaded a pic and a few of the hastags were #filippa_k man #ss13 and lastly my name, and of all the things it was a beautiful all black all leather backpack laugh.gif


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Cant decide if this bomber is ugly or awesome.

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