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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

maybe it's because mine is so long on me? get a lot of grandpa / mr. rogers comments.

maybe you guys are normal, but i'm definitely not normal.


Oh maybe, mine is the new cropped one.  I got those types of comments the one time I wore that schneider hairs cardigan out (my sister burst out laughing frown.gif )

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Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post

do you wear a medium or a small?

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In the stark?
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post


I prefer muggles.
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yup, old fit.
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Thoughts on no show socks for summer, are Mocc Sock & Co the best or are there cheaper ones out there?
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women's loafer socks.
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mocc socks are really bad, threw all mine out. uniqlo low socks are a good option for no show with tennis shoes, but won't be sufficient for loafers.
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

I am thinking I might just buy a stark.

Synth, it's worth it. I never thought I would own the thing because like 90% of the fits are terrible but I got mine on a whim on deep discount (navy) and love it. Almost worth it at retail.
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For people who use clothing racks instead of closets, do your clothes not get dusty if you don't wear something in a while?
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^ not really, no. But I have a pretty small wardrobe I guess so everything is pretty well worn.


Does anyone have any recs for nice leather/suede messenger bags or backpacks/daypacks similar to TOJ's old ones?

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Originally Posted by jet View Post

I just want to see one du, just one du with some guidis or carpes, some diors or black overdyes, maybe a lumen shirt and a dope oversize knit or some shit like that you know? Or maybe some cat all yohj'd out as fuck (not benes).

No way man. After all my investments my biggest fear is that SF look will go mainstream. It's already bad enough running into someone with tapered raws and white lows.
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^ya I know i do enjoy the exclusivity factor but I'm just talking about one guy, possibly fellow sfer

synth, my stark is my go to chunky knit and although it's bottom tier in my personal stock/hierarchy it is a solid piece and if worn correctly does exude flyness plus it feels like armor

i've worn mine probably a hundred times, it's just a reliable cardigan and there's some appeal in the psychological comfort in knowing it ain't gonna get fucked up because it's not as precious...last year i had a coke explode all over me when my girl and i were checking in to a hotel and when i got inside i discovered it was all on beaded up on the surface, i dabbed it dry with a bathroom towel which entirely turned brown

it was great, couldn't even tell bc it's one of the few black knits i own
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chritophe lemaire ss13 is so good. damn. spring koppage plan needs to be revised again...
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