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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post


If you're about to graduate college why are your parents still able to not allow you to do things confused.gif


because they´ll most likely be paying for said trip???

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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

my girlfriend is a bridesmaid in a wedding this summer, and i'm friendly with the bride, and she keeps asking for advice on what the guys should wear, and it's so hard not be like "YOUR IDEAS ARE TERRIBLE AHHH"

right now it's gonna be black shirt, black pants, black vest, converses and a teal tie. all from men's wearhouse baby.

A good friend from high school/college is getting married this fall. We've sort of drifted apart in recent years, but not enough to be excluded from everything, so I'm one of the people who gets to help people find their seats! Anyway, he's hung up on this casual attire thing, for both comfort and cost reasons. The current realization of this - and I could be mistaken on some details because I've tried to push out of my mind that I'm gonna have to pay money for this shit - is something like khakis, argyle sweater vest, weird green shirt, and either navy or green Chucks. Out of respect to the unwritten rule that the peon usher doesn't get to make suggestions for the wedding, I didn't point out how this tentative outfit:

1) sounds god awful
2) doesn't sound much more comfortable than tuxedos
3) Is gonna probably end up costing as much or more as tux rentals, since none of us own any of this shit

I guess there's the built-in logic that we'll be paying as much or more for this stuff, but we get to keep it! Not that I have a desire to have any of these items in my possession.

TL;DR I got demoted to usher but still get to pony up groomsman money.
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fuck that

i'd make everyone wear tail coats and top hats at my wedding
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Converse and Old Navy argyle sweater'll come out to like $50.
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chucks 40 + vest 30 + khakis 40 + shirt 30 = 140 plus tax = 150
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No, no, no. Everyone has khakis, even APK. Thrift a green button down, Old Navy argyle sweater-vest (I believe it's their forte), fifty bucks, done.

Also, don't offer unsolicited opinions on the wedding attire, as that could be the most costly thing of all...
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I don't have khakis or anything resembling earth tone pants.

Not clear if he's expecting us to get our ugly sweater and shirt from the same place as to appear more uniform.

Haven't said a peep to him about how awful these outfits sound, nor will I. I'm an ass but not a dunce.
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Most people's wedding outfits look horribad. My tux (this was pre-SF) was terrible. frown.gif
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All that shit sounds awful. But it's their wedding; gotta respect that.

A good friend of mine is getting married this summer, she's doing some shabby chic thing. I refrained from making any suggestions, except for seating me closer to the bar. biggrin.gif
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not as bad as this

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People wear horrific things for weddings

I wore a navy wool 2BNL suit, crisp white oxford buttondown shirt, silver english wedding tie, cream silk pocket square and black calf Crockett and Jones ankle boots.

My wife wore a traditional white lace over chiffon gown, no cleavage but sleeveless.

It was actually hard for her to find 'non-slutty' wedding dresses.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

chucks 40 + vest 30 + khakis 40 + shirt 30 = 140 plus tax = 150

CPs 400 + TOJ 200 + Epaulet 150 = 750 shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by wootx View Post

God, that bag destroys it.
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