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Anyone know how one can get their hands on Balmain F/W '12 so items do not sell out?

I dress around black nowadays.

I use to dress in jeans / chinos, cardigans, and new balances. OCBD a must. If I was to continue on that route, I'd probably dress something like these dudes http://wondermoutain.blog.so-net.ne.jp/ Pretty awesome combo breakers
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Meh, why not, probably 2008 or so after getting kicked out of a bar with some friends (guess which one I am)

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Would guess far right, but am hoping it's far left.

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I've decided to stop buying cheap "filler" pieces for my wardrobe. My tendency to buy expensive clothes that are difficult to wear means I end up wearing things I merely tolerate on a daily basis. I need fewer, better basics.

Officially unsubsribed from Gap, J. Crew, and flash site emails.
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it is not halloween in this picture but that is a wig.

edit: this is 2008
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Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post

Folding instructions my brother made to accompany Post-Imperial Pocket Squares.

i just stuff them in, PS origami is for pansies anyway bigstar[1].gif
Originally Posted by fireflygrave View Post

Anyone else think it's weird how ln-cc sends tracking notices that have the "expected arrival" listed as a span of 8 days? feb 4-feb 12 puzzled.gif

if you send via USPS you get quoted estimated 6-10 business days so this is not too abnormal depending on your experiences
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I got a Uniqlo x KM ma-1 and fuck I look good. I wish I bought the KM stuff, really wanted that fishtail too. Also pretty sad I didn't buy a shit ton of +J
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^did you get that one off of ebay? Been wanting some of the Uniqlo x KM stuff
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Yeah. It has a cool bee on it
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I was debating bidding on it, but was scared away by the "Japanese Small" size. I used to have one of the cardigans, and it was cool; but was redundant with my other stuff.
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Someone fill me in on what KM is shog[1].gif

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since we're doing this, i might as well play

back in 2008 or 2009 i think, probably briefly before i found SF. i guess i looked like a normal person, nothing too ridiculous.

i'm the little girl if thats not clear.
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Tisci 2013. 3 more years! 3 more years!

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