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count me in as another one who would have been into menswear and all that stuff.

also i wouldn't have had to make the literal division in my closet between nice clothes and studio/woodshop clothes. started from buying stuff that was too nice to get fiberglass all over
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It's funny how my fits always get better reception on sf than Sufu. Is it because sf has seen my progression? Because I'm more a part of the community? Because the aesthetics are different? Or is it just because you can't neg fits on sf?

And if I never found sf I'd either still be wearing head to toe PAC sun/zumiez or dress in all jcrew like my roommates.
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Fireflygrave, are you an artist? sculptor? Carpenter? 

Reveal your seckrets

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Yeah i'd say more a part of the community. the more well known you are and more you post good fits, the more thumbs you get for those fits.

speaking of sufu, does anyone else find that the slang typing over there is way too prevelant? it drives me crazy. i know this is an insane thing to complain about foo.gif
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Same here about heading down the GQ/jcrew-path had I not found this
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Time to start posting pics of pre-SF selves (5)
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

I was thinking about this since I read it this morning ...

Aside from the obvious current trendiness and versatility of black in menswear, I wonder if a lot of this has to do with most of us being internet-based enthusiasts and not buying our stuff at physical stores? Without the ability to try stuff on, examine materials and colors in person, color becomes a much bigger risk. Colors need to be coordinated well in order to not look odd. It's impossible to get a real feel for colors and coordinating them over the web. So black and grey become much more appealing choices.


I've thought about this too, and I wonder how much of it has to do with photography.  It's much easier to take a good WAYWT fit pick with black and white than it is with color, since the focus is on the silhouette.  Colors never show up correctly unless you're outside, in daylight, with a high-end camera.  Even those of us with good cameras tend to get home from work after dark.

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From my impressions after going through Sufu's WAYWTs is that they really, REALLY hate anything workwear-y, while over here its better received if done well (a la shoreman and mikey)
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I wonder what I would be into without SF.

I only found the forum looking for info on APC jeans, and I was big into trying to look business casual for some reason back then, so I would probably be into some derivation of this menswear thing. But without the ties, i've always hated ties.

In fact, I would probably have spent all my money on suits and my casual wardrobe would look like the MC casual thread.

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Time to start posting pics of pre-SF selves (5)

there was a thread about this ages ago, before my time. probably due for a reboot.
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Originally Posted by Severisth View Post

Time to start posting pics of pre-SF selves (5)

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^if I find the thread, I'll post a pic biggrin.gif
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I never post on sufu cause I hate how it's laid out. Should I? Their market place seems to have more items that interest me.
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You don't have to post to browse the market. Never really understood the complaints about sufu layout.
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Originally Posted by Severisth View Post

^if I find the thread, I'll post a pic biggrin.gif





This is me in Fall 2005



not much has changed apparently

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Sufu moves way slow compared to SF, except the market.

It's more concerned with edginess and subculture than SF, which I'd judge is historically more concerned with looking decent, not that SF doesn't have its edgier posters.

It's also generally meaner than SF, and therefore sometimes more honest.

The reaction to workwear trends on sufu is somewhat just part of the wider backlash against those influences, and more specifically a reaction against the Superdenim subforum, which is INTENSE.

The new SF design looks, IMO, more like sufu. peepwall[1].gif
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