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Black is just natural for me, it doesn't feel forced. Its only recently that I've begun branching out and experimenting with color. So I suppose I'm going the other way here. But like it was said earlier, my eyes focus more on the overall silhouette and texture rather than color coordination.
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Originally Posted by ManofKent View Post

Last year Barbour did a leather version of the Chelsea that they called 'Faversham' (where I live) and was tempted, but I've got a brown leather Bedale and the leather quality is only so so...

I'll occasionally do the International with black jeans...
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If I hadn't stumbled onto this site I'd probably have become a stupid #menswear enthusiast. And I'd have looked terrible doing it. In five years I could totally see myself getting Devoa'd out though.
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I just really want to wear baller monochromatic-ish clothing that also doubles as functional yoga clothing. shog[1].gif
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I'm colourblind (0).

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Originally Posted by Earnest Hemingway View Post

eh... I still think Weezy is the greatest punchline rapper

U ain't ever heard of Big L then

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Maybe this is a silly question: With shoes like these m.a+ ones, what do you do about the upturned part of the shoe when you're first breaking them in? Is there an easy (and painless) way to break them in? I ask because I've recently acquired a pair of Andrew McDonald derbies that are nominally the correct size, but I can't fit into them without crushing my toes.
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UCism FW 1987





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very conceptual
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Originally Posted by Severisth View Post

Sometimes I wish I could go back to how I dressed before sized down Cheap Mondays and band tees

i wear my death t shirt with my black jeans + leather jacket from time to time
Don't listen to as much death metal anymore but I'll still put on Human or Symbolic every once in a while

I feel like we should start a list of people that look like bows. So far I have that yohji model, macklemore, and ewen macgregor. I am sure there are many more.
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I'm legit colorblind, thats why I try to stick with black and grey for the most part, and burgundy.
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Sometimes I wonder what my style progression would look like had I never found this site

Me too, but then I realize I haven't progressed.
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Folding instructions my brother made to accompany Post-Imperial Pocket Squares.

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Pretty sure I'd also be quite deep into menswear right now, was wearing lots of chinos/BDs/boat shoes before I found this place. Dodged a bullet there
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just bought my first black piece since 2010.

coming back to black after having written it off entirely is pretty refreshing.
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If something is being shipped to the United States via xpresspost USA, who will actually wind up delivering it to your doorstep?
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