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Thanks for noting that, I really want to find a navy hidden shirt TBH. That makes 44 items I want to buy now, bookmarked.

I should post them all here so you guys can cut it down to 0.
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Originally Posted by conceptual 4est View Post

I'm not sure what you're clicking but just click these buttons.  It's never not worked.

i was just opening up the threads and clicking the "unread posts" button. never knew about this way, thanks. they still could fix it, though.
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leather duffle for under 250? decent? no. you can go to zara maybe? if you search hard you can maybe find some nice canvas options.
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Came across this runway pic and was surprised by how much i like it. Not really wearable for me but damn it looks cool. It also contains a lot of elements that conceptually I would not thing would be appealing

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Is that Shenlong???


ps. really cool look. where is it from, benes??

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as if he could really have taken out wing 0 custom so easily!
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Its a pair of yohji shorts wire arist is selling and the accompanying runway pic
I had my eyes on a pair of hakamas but I cant really justify that purchase. Blame lesamurai lemao for pointing out how infrequently ill be able to wear stuff like that once clinicals start :'(
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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

as if he could really have taken out wing 0 custom so easily!

Altron gundam was a beast. Def my fav. Hell custom was pretty badass but just too over the top. Because you can be over the top with giant robots.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Can you guys stop lagging the SSENSE webshop? I just wanted 1 item still available in my size and I cannot log-in now. foo.gif

SSENSE is pretty annoying in that when it tells you "one more step on SSENSE to confirm" after PP info, but actually it just tricks you as if there is one extra step left. CONFIRMATION is not confirm payment when you already charged me censored.gif

Welp, looks like I bought a Geller mesh tank. At least my nips will not be showing this time around.

canceled satisfied.gif
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Black shirt with a chambray or cardigan works nicely for those casual days 

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Can't tell if that pic is serious or not, but in case you didn't have a childhood, shenlong is the dragon from dragon ball.
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Double post
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Check out the sick mandarin collar on that robot
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