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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Not sure if serious or not but I'd prefer a larger pattern without all the small pattern detailing like this one has.

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That sweater is going in a millon directions and they're all wrong.
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youre wrong. that sweater is sick. wurrrr to kop?

for real though, where can i buy that?
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Creatures of comfort.

I like it shog[1].gif

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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

- I work in retail and am surrounded by such consumerism it's become a real turnoff. I walk around looking at all this designer shit and it's actually rare I even find something I would like to buy, and then it's just overpriced. The discount, which for some is a major job perk, is actually useless to me. I don't make enough to buy the stuff I sell, or at least I wouldn't spend the money on it anyway. Either it's some loud obnoxious thing that's all about look without any real taste, or it's so damn minimal that the price seems absurd for what it is.

-I want to start dressing like 'an adult', ie wearing more button ups instead of t-shirts, losing 'immature' patterns, colors and fabrics, and investing in a few well designed pieces of outerwear and footwear. Got too much shit floating around from high-school days and hand-me-downs, or just random generic purchases.

you sound like a blast to hang out with
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Masterclasser: I think maybe you should broaden your horizons a bit, rather than just looking at what your high end department store sells. Browse the runway threads here, and the threads for specific designers. Maybe they're out of your price range now, and you'll probably find most of the runway pictures unwearable to you, but try to keep an open mind, take away the things you like. Maybe you don't like an outfit, but some parts are styled well, etc, etc.

May I ask why you feel you need to "Dress like an adult"? The vibe I get from your post above is that you've not found an individual style, and are kind of disillusioned because of that, which makes you think that just defaulting to the business casual "Adult dress" is the best option. I may be way off base here though.
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The Yohji crew in Paris, via Jak&Jil

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So how does VA sizing compare to Attachment?
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

So how does VA sizing compare to Attachment?

I generally take a 3 in both, but some VA stuff runs a little slimmer, while the attachment stuff runs a little looser
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VA runs slim and is a bit smaller than Attachment. I'm usually a size 1 in tops and outerwear, but sometimes a 2 on pants.
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I always get amused at these fashion show pics, they're the analog of any other show including cars. These guys get excited for the weeks prior and start planning on how they're going to assemble their fits for that special day, possibly even consulting with their friends "hey what are you going to wear next week?" Then they proceed to wear what they consider to be the best of their pieces all the while acting as non-chalant as possible in hopes of getting noticed, photographed, nodded by fellow members of the same tribe as they take drags of their cigarettes in what is deemed a contest of cool in their circle.
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why does the unread posts button _STILL_ not work? it's been like 2 months now.
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"Secret Wallet by Maison Martin Margiela Line 11. Sleek leather wallet with hidden interior compartment for personal items, from the men's collection."

Next level condom holder?
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is it me or is the acrimony model channeling caseyfudd really hard

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Is it possible to find a decent leather duffel/overnight bag for like under $250?
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