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Spent the morning in a meeting discussing what we needed to get Magic Doves through security at the UN. Turns out they need to be licensed and have papers. Life is weird.
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oversized denim sweater, nice
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Interesting runway presentation.
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best f/w 13 collection I've seen so far

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Just got a chance to look over FW13 collections.

New Dries has some fantastic paisley/oriental rug patterned pieces. Pattern on this overcoat is soooo cool.

Ditto for these pants. Love the cut too.

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Need to wear Dries patterns with Missoni for maximum clash.

Does anybody know who makes Aloha Rag's house label suiting? It's made with an interesting blended fabric and in Japan.
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Fucking bipolar weather. It was like 50 degrees last week and now it's supposed to be in the teens for the rest of the week.
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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Need to wear Dries


Lets get to the heart of what you were trying to say.

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The pattern on the coat is a little to out there for me to give it so much visual realestate, but I appreciate it. I'd wear the pants with everything else tamed down.

Dries' esoteric pants always make me want to kop.
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speaking of siki im sizing a page ago or so, does anyone have a lot of experience with that? or anyone know if patron of the new will measure something for you if you don't know the sizing of a garment?
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Yes they do, send them an email.

Few pages back has all the info. you need
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Next level construction or previous level arithmetic?
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Where do you NYC/Brooklyn guys get you hair cut?

I havent cut my hair in two years, going in for a snip tomorrow. I always went to this one dude at Astor Hair, but in retrospect he wasn't that great.
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Why is visvim so stupid expensive

Are there any good alternatives to the virgils or 7hole?
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