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There's some sick shit left at Patron of the New.
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holy shit that sruli recht video is fucking disgusting
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Bows, how did you feel after the YYPH show?

Also, I look forward to one day being invited to remove something from an elite fashion designers head for a collection. #whyidomedicine
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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

There's some sick shit left at Patron of the New.

Its a great boutique too, if people ever visit NYC they should check it out.
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shippin confirmation from patron. noice.
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Sucks when I leave my wallet in the car. frown.gif

What you end up getting, Teger? Just the jeans? I passed on those. Did not like the patch.
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yea just the jeans. been looking for some slim black jeans with a heavy taper for awhile, and hopefully these fit the bill.
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http://patronofthenew.us/products/dim-pt001bl-slim-denim SIZE 2 still available. Measurements on Suspension Point

http://patronofthenew.us/products/sim-ow010ll-cargo-blazer CARGO BLAZER SIZE MEDIUM
Pit-to-pit 20"
Shoulder across 17"
Length 34.5"
Sleeve length 26"
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patch killed it for me
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There's some nice overcoats in reasonable sizes still: LEU/Poeme Bohemian/Nicolas Andres Taralis whatever.
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Do you guys think SF has the buying power to purchase out certain collections at such store as Patron of the New?
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would take10 seconds to remove the patch.
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http://patronofthenew.us/products/sim-sh005p-bandcollar-shirt SIZE MEDIUM

They had one available and corrected it online.

I bought it. biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

If you didn´t check the video, here´s the rundown.

In a documented one-time surgery-performance, a plastic surgeon removed a 110mm x 10mm strip of skin from the abdomen of Sruli Recht. The subcutaneous tissue and epidermis was then scraped from the dermis, which is stripped of fat by hand and blade, before being salted, and tanned with an Alum solution. The resulting leather from the dermis was prepared for use in the ring, Forget Me Knot.

SR661 - Leather made from the abdomen skin of Sruli Recht, mounted to a 24 carat gold band.

There will be only one of this piece made.

The Forget Me Knot band is presented with a DNA certificate and a complete DVD documentary of the process, surgery and interviews with the involved team.

Forget Me Knot

SR661, Nov/Dec 2012, 1 of 1

Anthropodermic leather and 24 carat gold


This piece is presented as part of the new collection of Sruli Recht for Autumn and Winter 2013/14, Concentrated.

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