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do link please nod[1].gif

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Anyone handled dieppa restrepo boots for men?  How are they IRL?  Thinking of getting those as opposed to the black MMM side zips on rodengray.  Any other recommendations for that type of sidezip boot (sleek but not pointy, and not too "tough" like guidis).

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the someone-should-buy link on the SWD frontpage is not working.

Did the banner discussion lead to anything?
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Originally Posted by kashmir View Post

looking at le MC ppl getting into raw denim bandwagon is so funny... they be wearing them like dress pants

This post is useless without pics.
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do link please nod%5B1%5D.gif

Originally Posted by Earnest Hemingway View Post

This post is useless without pics.

a quick scan through MC casual will deliver

in a more general sense, more "classic"-oriented blogs and stores are now enforcing raw denim as the "edgy" alternative for casual trouser... actually this has been happening for sometime but I kinda get a feeling that more and more consumers bought into this thinking that the raw denim, being stiffer and darker in colour, fit the "edgy" bill- while actually after fade and wear they will turn into, well, blue faded jeans. the fits are usually very 'rigid' and 'neat'; tucking plaid shirts into the raw denim, then cuffing them neatly with almost dress trousers cuffing length obsession, then wearing shoes perceived, or told by others, as "more casual in the dress shoes hiearachy" such as brown chiseled brogues, brown monkstrap, or wholecuts(!!). while actually I think raw denim should be approached with regards to its final outcome which is a soft, relaxed, and nicely fitting garment (e.g. just stack the leg opening rather than being fussy with the cuff or the hem length).... indeed, I now I understand that jeans can be so hard to get for some people.
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Wait, are you telling me some people have a different approach to blue jeans?
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A traditional silhouette is an outline drawing or a profile portrait cut from black paper. The word arose in the late 1700s when Etienne de Silhouette, French minister of finance, imposed higher taxes on the upper classes during the Seven Years War. Because painted portraits were too pricey and photography hadn't been invented, these profile cut outs were an inexpensive way to immortalize a face. At the time, Silhouette's name was synonymous with anything made cheaply, but for these paper portraits the name stuck to this day.

From A Clean Silhouette: The Robert Synthese Story
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Ha I was talking to my housemate today, and he was telling me about last summer when he went to NYC to do photography for Neighbor (the store) and shot all the Capsule and Man shows and all that, and he told me all those #menswear bloggers were like the biggest dorks ever, just super awkward. Noah, Nico etc
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I went to HS with Noah and he's pretty chill. Nico is awkward as fuck from what I've been told.

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Have any of you guys seen the page "horses do not exist" on facebook? 

Originally started as a joke on the swedish version of the page (hästar finns inte), where it stated in it's description that "we believe in the science of horse being a fruit that does not exist", then BOOM, some month later the page had over 100 000 likes (now they're at ~237k), with interviews and what not (and naturally, hundreds of people on the page raging about the page and saying that horses do exist and that the people who have made the site should be ashamed of themselves and do something with their lives and don't be so stupid etc etc...) laugh.gif

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Zamb said something about how we couldn't really empirically verify that horses truly exist. Was a cool thesis
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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

Zamb said something about how we couldn't really empirically verify that horses truly exist. Was a cool thesis

Ah, he must be one of the scientists the guy running the page says he's representing laugh.gif

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It sounds like Zamb needs to get hit in the face with Karl Popper.
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Popper's stance has it's own issues, the chiefest of which being that science (as practiced by scientists) does not work the way he'd like it to.

TBH I have nothing to say about the thesis without knowing what Zamb means by "empirically verify" and "truly exist".
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I mean, think about it...what is a horse?
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