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So...any recs for some non-nylon, maybe tweed-like, fashunz adventure-wear that is actually suitable for adventure? (Or picnics -- maybe just a muddy picnic). Watching or reading a lot of 19th century stuff, recently, I long for this. I mean, I see a lot of Engineered Garments -type things, but without first-hand knowledge, it's hard to gauge what's truly up for adventure, and what will simply evanesce in your hands, that crunchy meadow, that brilly tree over there...

eg is pretty damn tough man. it may be a "fashion" brand, but the stuff is just as high quality as anything else. i'm better nigel is just as tough too.
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Spring Loose Fit inspiration

More egg
More beige
Less compromise
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I'm sick of that picture of the suited guy on the SW&D banner thing
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noob why don't you look into heritage English brands like busker - I think that's what it's called...that stuff is pretty robust and tons of second hand is available
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trying to decide if I should keep this TOJ with the more anti-fit direction I've been going...

I do wear slimmer stuff too and it is a nice jacket, just not sure if its really incongruous or something :shrug:
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ToJ and anti-fit? *Ahem*:

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hmmm fair enough man laugh.gif I had actually been looking for that synth photo a while back but couldnt find it
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it's good. keep
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it's beautiful man, keep smile.gif

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i might get some hate for this but with the yohji, don't keep...
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Originally Posted by wurm View Post

i might get some hate for this but with the yohji, don't keep...

idk once in a while, if you really like leathers. you want to wear a leather jacket and jeans. Just make sure you love that leather more than any others. My giorgio brato keeps me 99% happy but it coulda been looser on the shoulders. Fuckin tightest 52 ever.
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I do really love the color and fit is perfect. Plus, this color is discontinued in toj/John coppidge so if I don't keep it and ever want another, tough luck
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There's also nothing wrong with having items in your wardrobe that are "incongruous." Like who cares? If you like it, and if you like wearing it, then that's really all that needs to be said. To an extent, that sort of approach is fine. Myself, on the other hand, I have a lot of trouble figuring out exactly what it is that I like—for a while I was really into Yohji and Comme; then I wanted to do nothing but wear Rick; and then I thought dressing like a Parisian lout was my thing. And there's been other stuff too. I didn't get to try all of these out, but I do realize that some aspects of these different styles are more or less "me." I'm still trying to figure out what main theme(s) tie my wardrobe together. But you seem to have a pretty solid Yohji look put together, and this more "traditional" streetwear look seems fairly easy to figure out (if anything even needs to be figured out). You can reconcile two (or more) styles if you've got a handle on 'em and if you're ultimately comfortable in them.
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My wardrobe has everything from Rick Owens to Tricker's and Nigel Cabourn to Canali and Drakes. The variety makes me happy, I don't think a wardrobe needs a theme--it naturally evolves into an expression of one's personal likes and dislikes.
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Or, if you're weak, what the internet tells you to like and dislike

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