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I've a rook piercing and to be honest I don't really think about how it interacts with the clothes I wear, the reason being that it's a really, really inconspicuous piercing. But it feels as much a part of me as how I style my hair I guess. When my hair was really crazy this summer, the piercing stood out a lot more; but now that my hair is a bit less "out-there," it adds only a slight bit of edge to my overall appearance.
summer hair and piercing (Click to show)

I would definitely consider getting a tattoo, but it would have to be drawn by someone who is supremely good at what they do—someone that I could trust to turn my vague ideas into a fully fledged design that I'd be proud to have on my skin. That said, I'm sure I'm pretty far from doing that sort of thing.
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Well, I´m a dsquared2 fan as you all know, and to prove that I tattoed Dean and Dan´s faces on my chest, one in each pec.


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ps: is that you hair right now, thewho? Looks pretty cool. You should keep it that way.

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tattoos are useless

need a pair of spectacles, shaded or clear. please offer suggestions at your convenience. was looking at some dries x lf as well as lf luxe, though I may go with more subtle minimalism from mykita should I find the right pair...nothing like ex-snowman/benes pls biggrin.gif
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It was really cool, but it was several pains in the ass trying to get it that way—not to mention it really only looked great from the sides and not so much the front—so I stopped trying. Now my hair is just normalcool imo.
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No tattoos, no piercings. I know, shocking. foo.gif
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I don't think I have to tell you which one of your fits you should get tattooed across your back

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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

No tattoos, no piercings. I know, shocking. foo.gif

This, I grew up in a different culture, still remember my pops telling me if I wanted an earring he would be happy to also buy me the dress. You PC people probably shutter at the thought but yeah it is how it is. If I have a son I wouldn't use this tactic personally but I never felt the need for one. As far as tattoos I saw a pregnant lady once with a tattoo of a "gecko" that looked like a crocodile been put off ever since
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pope, lol8[1].gif
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Don't lie, I can tell that a few of you have Prince Alberts.
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Haven't ruled that out entirely, but in all likelihood I doubt I'd do it.
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But after hockey season is over, I'm gonna take a look into getting me some nip piercings. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I see no sarcasm meter, so, for real??  I had piercings a few years ago, simple ones, on both ears. After some months, and because one ear got a little infected, I took them both out.

In the tattoo department I have like 3 or 4 in mind, all pretty unique I think, but I wouldn´t like getting one  until I´m a little bigger/ more cut. Not looking to get huge, but I also don´t want to get anything done while my muscles are changing. 

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Pretty serious, but I'm not sure I'll actually make it happen. We'll see.
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post

Barbour lambswool gloves from Orvis

thanks. would have gone milsurp but am lazy smile.gif. got the barbour ones
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Regarding tattoos/piercings, I don't have either and doubt I ever will, due to a couple things.

1. I find tattoo artists sketchy looking, so don't really trust them
2. There is no legislation regarding the ink they use, so it could be house paint for all I know.
3. My taste changes what I liked at 18, 20, 22 etc. isn't the same as I like now at 28.
4. So many people around here have them, so you almost stand out more without one.
5. The only design idea I have that I still like after a couple years is a portrait of my granddad on my forearm, but the idea of having sex with him looking at me on my arm freaks me out.
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I'd get my nips pierced is that gay? (5)

Going to get a tattoo of my last name in my language's characters (red and yellow ink) across my back from shoulder to shoulder because the font is so sick (7).

Seriously though, I love being the only du in the gym without one. They're so commonplace in socal that like ff said I stand out more without one and let's be honest for most the intent is to stand out with zero sentiment.

The best though is in vegas at the pool when you take off your tank and you're one of the most swole/shredded fools...and you're not inked up. Love that because you're expected to be if you're in that kind of shape.
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