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PE as in physical education? Colleges have a required PE course?
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Yeah many do. I was originally going to go to Emory but ended up not going. They had a requirement for PE and lots of really interesting offerings.
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

fuuuuuuuuuu D:
wtb size 39-40 s40m in black
but seriously, realistic response, please frown.gif?
Dyeing shoes can be risky. You have to make sure there is absolutely no wax/polish/finish left on them in order for the dye to take evenly. If you even remotely like the brown, keep them as they are.
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PE as in physical education? Colleges have a required PE course?

Yeah. It was only one class in 4 years but it was definitely fun once you get into it. I think its a great idea
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my favorite part of PE is during the end of the period when the coach yells " hit the showers!" foo.gif
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Being a couple steps from the ocean we have all the water sports to choose from but I chose sky diving. I almost shit myself for 3 credits
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I have no pe requirement. Instead I opted to take a class on game of thrones since none of my required courses were being offered over the summer.
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Ignoring sales feels good.

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Wanting a couple pairs of medium/light wash denim and then the two pairs of LVC you were staring at going on sale... Good feeling but hard to get past the temptation.
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Does anyone happen to know if V ave shoe repair button-up shirts fit consistently? The one I have fits me perfectly with no tailoring.


I know the quality is sort of shitty but they're <$100 on sale most of the time.

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I like that Neil Barrett coat and the weirdness of it. I actually liked FW12 generally:
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Damir creepers are like small tanks on your feet
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they were actually designed as ballast to anchor people with low mass or inner-ear disorders
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Originally Posted by sexonfabric View Post

Just recieved Lanvin sneakers from TBS. look like a second hand eBay purchase. Sole dirty and showing wear. FFS!


Ordered these Dries a couple of days ago from TBS:




Got them today.

Opened up the box. Wrinkles on the upper leather, bruises on the wood sole, and they have clearly been walked around in since the sole is dirty. No tags whatsoever. 


Still wanted to try them on. Could barely get them on my feet and when they were finally on, they were too long. When I took them off, the front of the insole got loose and rolled up a bit. Looks like it was poorly glued.


Overall very disappointing from both Dries, in terms of quality, and TBS for actually selling this. I hope they believe me when I return them.


PS. don't buy the 44's that will pop up online in a couple of days ...




Edit:  I also got these and the front vinyl came loose yesterday. It was basically just a paper thin vinyl sheet glued on top of the canvas. I don't think I'm gonna buy Dries shoes again, at least not before seing them irl.



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Thx for the info.
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