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YeahI know, but I don't ask questions if Frank Ocean is being played. shog[1].gif
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so i've asked this before, but no one responded...

should i dye my carpe backzips D: i think the shade of brown is lovely, but i know deep inside, i'd be much happier if they were black.... but at the same time, i'd be upset that the lovely shade of brown is gone frown.gif so conflicted!
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That's why I changed my Guidi order to black when I bought a pair of brown boots. So happy I was able to do that.
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well it's not like i can custom order carpes frown.gif
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buy more carpes
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

buy more carpes

fuuuuuuuuuu D:

wtb size 39-40 s40m in black

but seriously, realistic response, please frown.gif?
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

looks.....really weird.... like a really shitty version of the balenciaga egg coat

Thanks for talking me out of it... I didn't have the money for it anyways... nod[1].gif

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Don't dye

Save for your next boot and know that you will buy in black since you are happy with the brown pair right now. I think you're just rushing things if you dye it

lesamourai: did you custom order Guidi from the last open window? Can PM for details as I am looking to custom order a pair in Feb-March
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Doesn´t anyone have fitpics of zam barrett tank tops? I wanna see how long they are and also if they´re fitted.

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Originally Posted by GoldenTribe View Post

Originally Posted by tonio028 View Post

That man is suffering from a case of OG...Over Gold.

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I'm sure I have artishard fit pic of the ZB tank top somewhere but too lazy to dig it up. He can probably find it faster for you.

The neckline is too deep for me.
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Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post

I want this... like bad... is it worth it?

Looks strange though the Neil Barrett piece I got from Reedo is really really nice

Bummed I missed these but who checks gilt anymore
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Just recieved Lanvin sneakers from TBS. look like a second hand eBay purchase. Sole dirty and showing wear. FFS!
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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

Well this past semester was my first intro to yoga—I just signed up for a p.e. class called "power yoga." What got me really into doing it regularly though has to do with the fact that the instructor for this class also teaches at a studio near my university. He told us that if we ever wanted to make up a class, or if we just wanted to come in for free yoga, we could drop in during his classes at the studio whenever. So depending on when I went in, he'd be teaching a different class (Thursday afternoons was "intermediate," Friday afternoons was the really fucking difficult one). So yeah, I'd just go in one of those two days for an extra class each week. smile.gif
MM, do you go to school in Boston? A a friend of mine gave me some free passes to a place called Back Bay Yoga and it looks good, but it's a bit out of the way for me. I might go there once or twice just to check it out, but if it's not worth it for me to go there then maybe you'd like the passes?

That class sounds pretty awesome... Required PE? Yeah I go to school in boston and the yoga place looks pretty close to me smile.gif I would love the passes if it's not a huge inconvinience... also down to chill w/ whoevers in boston :cheers.gif
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For my required PE in college I took Waterskiing. It was great
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