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Originally Posted by Urthwhyte View Post

that feeling when you order something thinking "How could this possibly have made it to sale season?" and then receive it and realise you've made a huge mistake



Whatchu get?

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I think the universe is conspiring against me getting some boots off yoox.

Coupon code expires today and since I drag my feet I try to order today, except yoox doesn't like my card. After 3 failed attempts, it now says its out of stock when I add to cart (still in stock on the site) so I figure that's my bad, give it a few hours to reset on their system. Go to order again just in time for my Internet to die. Had to tether to my phone to get the order processed.

These goddamn boots better be phenomenal.
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Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

Whatchu get?


hl sweater. may actually end up keeping it. With ~$30 to ship it back it's hardly worth returning.

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Women's HL?
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yup, fast retailing owned, bondage strapless, and sans menswear Helmut.


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I still like HL women's ..for women hehe. I do, however, find it weird that they decided to have a diffusion line along side the helmut Lang-less line.
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I like some of the more unisex pieces well enough to give them a chance, gendered clothing is so passé (5)


Diffusion line seems to be Fast experimenting with something a bit more fashion forward at a price point similar to COS. Fully expect next Uniqlo collab to either be Theory or HL once they work out the kinks

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Flying cars everywhere

You are welcome to join me
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Happy new year, Sipang!
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

how do seasonal collections work in australia? is lanvin f/w 12 in he store right now, and it's just selling out-of-sync with the seasons, or do they hold back and are always a collection behind?


Hold it behind, generally. Or just get it in and fuck seasons.


On the other hand, end of season sales usuall work well for the Australians that buy online :).

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Now most stores in Australia that carry high end labels like Lanvin, Dior, Givenchy or even Paul Harnden, carry stock that is current with Europe.
Stores like Harrolds, Assin, Marais, Eastern Market.
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Someone was messing with my phone and accidently placed an order though the gilt app, anyone have any experience cancelling orders with gilt? It says you have 5 min to modify an order on the website but they werent open today so i dont know.... and im fucking pissed because everything ordered is shit.
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hahaha please paost in recent purchases,
O#m erj k im drunk looj
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happy new year motherfuckers
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happy new years fellow fashion victim :)

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