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I'll give you ultimate. Go home with your silly watches and leather jackets children, let the real men show you how it's done.


wings hat

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What was the name of that black/grey blazer with a zipper on the lapels?
Found a plebe-copy, but figured I should atleast do some research and see if I can find the real deal in my size before deciding to maybe get the copy 

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woo, found a company that makes shirts that fit me just how i want them to OTR!
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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

Dreambox just got gutted frown.gif

curse you xmas $$

Check again, they were doing something with their inventory this afternoon -- half my dreambox items looked sold out and couldn't be purchased from the item page though they still showed in stock (as if someone had just bought them all) but now they are back in stock and adding them to my cart works fine.

Which is kind of too bad, because when I thought they were gone forever I went and found an equal amount of crap I want to buy on eBay and elsewhere.
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lol well awkward, kinda deleted them from ma dreambox :|

and ya sorta just re filled it on other crap haha. Its the way of the world
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Originally Posted by peteyyytran View Post

A little guide I found for anyone looking for a bit of information on winter dressing. Going for that "dapper" look at least, http://bit.ly/RHbOX9. Enjoy!

this is the worst website ever


also who rates clothing on a 100-point scale wtf http://www.genuinegents.com/enhance-your-look/chubbies-shorts-review/
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I only have one pair of chukka boots atm. Looks like I need to stock up before next fall. Any recs?
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I think my one NY resolution will be to support only small clothing brands that, preferably, directly produce the garments themselves or by using local fair labor and rich heritage (sorry, for lack of a better term) materials:

SEH Kelly
Inish Meain
Inverallan (although I am not sure if I actually need more knits from either)
Handknitting Association of Iceland
Brooklyn Tailors (For shirts, if I can get the fit right. Thanks, teger.)
Mister Freedom (although I already own a ton by them)
Artist Denim
ROY Denim (If prices don't keep rising)
ARN Mercantile (if they are still producing)
Aero, Himel Bros., TOJ (if I ever actually buy a leather jacket)

Hmm, who else?
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Would that include schneider / some Ann and some of the other belgian brands, yohji, Leder, etc?

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Don't know. I'm not really interested in any of those brands. But, I could see a need for a thread on the topic if other people are interested in the same idea, but for different styles.
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zissou you should buy some jeans from a local place that opened here - shockoe denim. it's literally one dude, his dad who used to work as a tailor, and a work room full of some fashion graduates sewing denim. i'm wearing a pair of their slim jeans right now, and I think the fit is fantastic. their selvedge starts around $200, MTM (alterations to the existing pattern) is $250ish and full on bespoke (custom pattern) is $600.

I need to start a thread, but the storefront is the factory.. really neat. will take some pictures the next time I'm there.
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

Would that include schneider / some Ann and some of the other belgian brands, yohji, Leder, etc?

none of these brands are in the vein of the brands zissou is talking about. seriously - ann d, you're joking right?
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zissou doesn't dress in any particular overarching style
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also the smaller shoe makers could probably qualify: rancourt, oak street (do they have their own factory?), quoddy, arrow, viberg, dayton.

edit: also russell, white's.
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