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Things I learned just aren't for me..

- Aldens. Tried two pair - longwings and pair of indy boots. Both are just too big looking on my feet. Real clod-hoppers. I remember reading an opinion at some point stating that Alden's are best worn on bigger guys, with big feet - just looks more natural given the proportions. I think I agree here. Probably should have known better than to try a shoe that is nicknamed "the gunboat". Extremely impressed by the overall look, feel and "quality" of both pairs though - would have loved for them to work. Probably give Carmina a shot, for something sleeker and a slimmer last.

- Thom Browne. Dang man. I've definitely put on a few pounds this year, but trying on this TB1 oxford made me feel fatter than ever. Took a gamble on that one and lost bad. Thanks to the forum member who quickly took that off my hands and facilitated a trade for his Ervell club collar.
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has anyone been to facial index in soho?
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just ordered some c&j jodhpurs sup sickwitit
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Originally Posted by hipster View Post

parted ways with my toj dr as i felt it was a size too big. now im on the hunt for a new leather. thinking about a rick highneck in dust/cream or some sort of red toj. think a rick would work better as my neck is quite long which is the reason i always wore a scarf with my toj.
i pretty much only wear black/grey/white/dark blue denim. here is a pic of my footwear on a very ugly carpet. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Those Nikes are heinous.
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i know, only use them when its pouring outside. not sure why i included them in the pic.
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ln-cc has some dries ss2013 items
kinda disappointed
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Originally Posted by hipster View Post

i know, only use them when its pouring outside. not sure why i included them in the pic.

Why not get some proper rainboots?
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i asked about leather jackets not rainboots tyvm.
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You know when you randomly find $10 in your pocket and it makes your day? I think I just had the denim equivalent of that. Back at my parents place for break and looking through some clothing in my room when I find a pair of barely worn sexi04's and a pair of RJB 106BSP, both of which I grew out of like 3 years ago, stored to sell, and then forgot about entirely. I'm on a cut now, and both pairs fit me perfectly. Feels like I just got $600 of free denim
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How are Saturdays Surf stuff? The oxfords in particular. Thinking of grabbing 1 or 2 on sale.

And I like the green Dries bomber from ss13 that LNCC has.
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Saturdays stuff was great until 2 years ago when they teamed up with jcrew moved production to china and quality droppped substantially

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i picked up a linen suit in palermo a long while back, but i was thinking of having it dyed blue or perhaps navy (right now it's an off-white almost creme color) . any advice or recommendations of where i may have it done if it's not too easy to do at home ?

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Dreambox just got gutted frown.gif

curse you xmas $$
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Went to Lululemon to get a yoga mat (wound up getting the "un-mat," smash); the sales associate answering my questions about the different options couldn't take her eyes off the ToJ.

Is there any other article of clothing as single-handedly impressive as a good leather jacket?
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