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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
lululemon inversion pants i.e. best yoga pants and they're great for climbing.  My usual fit for cycling to and doing sports is hanes grey melange tee, those pants or my outlier climbers, old beater CPs, outlier vest and red beater beanie.

About the manduka, I had one for a while, gave it to an ex and she loves it, but I sweat like a pig iand the lulu mat has zero cushion but it is super sticky.  I actually think this topic doesn't get the attention it deserves since I'm climbing, going to yoga or the gym every day, and I'm sure other are too.

Thanks, had been looking for something similar for a while
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How do you guys tell if a jean is too slim fit? I have a pair of old APC NS in size 32 that are well faded to me.. not sure if I have grown out of them. They are not nearly as tight as some jeans I've seen in the WAYWTT, they squueze my thighs when i sit down though.
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Its depends who you ask..I like my skinny jeans to be about an inch over my actual measurements on the thigh.
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Also, if people are actually buying those HMMMM zips for 40$, I have a couple of DIY projects in mind and would be grateful if somebody could send me a couple of pairs of 44's. Lemme know (but probably not if they're still charging actual money for them). Thanks!
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Originally Posted by smashwindow View Post

Is that SS13?

No, current season women's
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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

^^Don't worry big fella, no one's getting off on lululemon like people got their premature rocks off on hmmmm or what-have-you. Just want some breathable threads that show off my hockey thighs for when I go do yoga alongside the suburban moms over break. I'm sure you know how it is.
@smash, I would definitely love to find good, stylish yoga/athletic clothes too. If Gyakusou is a thing, I'm sure someone else is doing something similar for other athletic practices.

people were going apeshit for that overpriced chinese made shit years ago, it's a status symbol for farmers market prius driving wholesome home schooling moms of LA for their pilates classes
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Sure, other people went nuts over the brand (and they probably still do). And sure it's become a status symbol for suburban moms. But I don't really give a shit about them, what they think about that brand, or how they wear it. (When I said that "no one was getting off on lululemon," I was talking specifically about the people discussing it in this thread at this moment.)
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but it's still overpriced shit, are you copping at outlet prices? if so then that's fine
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I'm anticipating they'll have decent post-Xmas sales (or I hope they do). If not, there are some other yoga apparel brands I've seen (this doesn't look too bad, for example—and it's cheap).

I was also looking at Y-3 apparel, specifically these guys (which are on sale on other sites too I think). Their stuff can actually be worn as athletic-wear, right? Unless it's just "trendy" loungewear that pretends to be sportswear...
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I just remember being astounded at the prices when we walked into a store 3 years ago, me and my buddy were making fun of his gf and clowning on the shit in there/prices they were charging.
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I've never understood what the term "deconstructed" actually means. Can anybody enlighten me?

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laugh.gif I think he means in terms of blazers. If that's the case, the clothiers of #menswear-ish mags just use it to mean soft-shouldered garments with little or unobtrusive lining, less padding in the collar and sleeves.
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Whatever happened to user "derrida."
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just dropping that COS-sale has started, some good stuff
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